Happy New Year to Everyone!! / 祝大家元旦快乐!

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I hope all of you had a fantastic new year celebration! It may have been very different to the one I had. Curled up in front of the television whilst waiting for the famous countdown. And once it began, standing by the window waiting for the beautiful firework display set upon the Thames river. To say the least, it was mesmerising and proved as unforgettable as ever.

This year has been a whirlwind of excitement and prosperity. Mostly to do with the amazing progress the Steemit platform has made. There are so many changes in my life that sometimes I have to pinch myself to tell myself it is real. But seeing as my blog is based on travelling to some of the best eateries and venues this great city has to offer, I have put together this montage of my most memorable images together to celebrate what is, in essence, one of the best year's of my life.


Crete, Greece




Paris, France




Rotterdam, Netherlands




Aberdeen, Scotland




Lisbon, Portugal






In or Near London, UK




line 3.png






line 3.png




line 3.png

These are but a few of my favourite recollections from my blog on Steemit. You are all such awesome people on this platform and without your enduring support and encouragement, I could never have imagined myself getting as far as I have. I have had a great 2017 and I can only hope 2018 is even half as good.

A happy new year to all of you. To the future of Steemit and beyond!!!

我希望大家都度过了一个愉快的元旦!在英国,元旦虽然没有圣诞节那么隆重,但还是有各种庆祝活动,以示辞旧迎新!我呢,今年没有出去,和先生蜷缩在电视机前一起倒数计时,呵呵。由于家里离伦敦中心不远, 在我们家阁楼能看到大部分泰晤士河上精彩的烟花汇演!可以不用出家门就欣赏到短暂却极其美丽的烟花,共同迎接新年的到来,真是非常美妙并令人难忘的时刻!

今年Steemit平台取得了惊人的进展,对于许多Steemian朋友也包括我来说,是收获丰硕的一年。 有时候,我都会怀疑这到底是真的,还是自己在做梦,呵呵。回顾这美好的一年,我选取了一些旅游和美食帖子的照片,来与大家重温一下这些难忘的回忆!




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thats a few places, happy new year to you too bro!

Happy New Year!



Happy new year! :)

same too you

awesome post
beautiful photos
delicious food
love it

Happy New Year too you too! :D

Rea新年快樂!去年的時候我也在Waterloo那邊看了跨年煙花,好美!祝新一年步步高升!:):) xx

happy new year to everybody may 2018 bring prosperity

Happy new year to you!

Thank you and happy new year!

its nice to read about your 2017,and i hope your 2018 will be great and brings success for you

wow! what a great compilation!!! FOLLOWED & UPVOTED :) loved your pics @rea, but I cant believe there is nothing about Spain here! :(

Im also into photography... check one of my latest compilations I did in Seville, which is a MUST city in case you dont know it! hahaha Your support will be highly appreciated! Greetings from Spain! :)


Happy new year pal

Nice Photographs


@rea wow you have traveled quite a bit. I really also like the combo of scenery and food photos on your blogs. gives me a bit of motivation to go and explore. What are your plans for 2018? anywhere exciting?

Happy New Years! Cheers to new beginnings, great picture taking, and new places to explore!!!

Happy new Year

what a beautiful pictures are, a really fall in love such a nice pictures

Happy new year my friend..

happy new year your photography is marvelous.

Happy new year to you too, Hopefully this year is better for all of us, given the longevity, alleviate the sustenance and success for all. Amen ..

Life is beautiful
Good luck
Yet light in this life!
A few gifts for me .....
light which can be exposed to everyone
Happy new year! Happy New Year!
Best wishes for everyone is uninterrupted!


H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

I just had to do a double take scroll back up to stare at the picture of the sushi... looks so yummy.

Sushi for Lunch tomorrow!! Yup

Happy new year to you too 😉🎈🎉🎉

Happy new year! Amazing places!

That's some really good pictures! I'm actually thinking about going to Scotland. What did you think about it? Is there anything there you can recommend? :)

If you are into traveling, self-development or vlogs feel free to check out my channel. Otherwise keep up the good work! I see you around :)

Nice photography!

Amazing photos! I hope to travel freely one day after my kids are grown. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

@rea 妹妹新年快乐哦

Awesome pictures!!! You might also like these new years pictures an AI produced check it out

happy new years
may the year 2018 is getting better @rea

Happy, Happy New Year!
We wish you all the best,
Great work to reach your fondest goals,
And when you’re done, sweet rest.

We hope for your fulfillment,
Contentment, peace and more,
A brighter, better new year than
You’ve ever had before.

So many places, I want to travel too. ;(. I hoe steemit help me to that. Happy new year, more things gonna came to you this years. Cheers

Beautiful pics and great food.


Happy New Year

Happy new to you too @rea Have a happy and blessed 2018

may this year brings happiness for all

happy happy happy new year

Happy new year and thanks for sharing! Love the pictures:-D

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.

Hapy new year Rea!!!

Rea新年快樂!去年的時候我沒法在Waterloo那邊看跨年煙花,好可惜!祝新一年上月亮!:):) xx

That's a helluva lot of travel for one year! Very eye pleasing pictures too of the various countries and cuisines ( hope you had labelled them too).. Have a fab 2018..


Happy new year Rea!!!!

Hi @rea, greetings from Berlin, the best wishes for 2018 and a Happy New Year!!!

WOW! The pictures are really cute. i wish i could become this big in this community. i wonder how you guys are doing it. Could you teach me, if you do not mind?

Happy New Year to you and your family 😎

your caption photography is sublime. Cheerful new year to everyone may 2018 bring success

Happy new year to you too!!!

Happy new year!
Excellent photos I love.

nice post. You have a great travel :) I wish I could go there also!

Ohh,what a nice photo,so relaxing place,I like it,hope one day I've been there.

Beautiful images

Happy New Year! Awesome places and great photos! I was able to do some traveling the past year also and I do say that it does change us. More travels to you and I wish you another amazing year.


wow, awesome post and photos. Love it, especially the shot from netherland. Happy new year too! :D

Thanks buddy you too

Happy New Year~!!

Happy New Year Rea :D Definitely sounds like you did a good amount of travelling last year, but hope 2018 brings even more adventures for you and Ezzy!

I went on a spontaneous family trip to Amsterdam last week, and did a day trip to Rotterdam, went on a super fun all-you-can-eat pancake cruise there and went to the beautiful Markthal (you have to check it out if you've never been, when you visit Rotterdam again), and even met up with a Steemit friend! We can't wait to go back :)

buautiful photos!

Happy New Year
Lest Crush This One

Happy New Year from Scotland

Love the pictures! I'm traveling to Australia in a few months

Happy new year , to new beginnings and new meeting such as ours , from ur recap of the year u have indeed travelled to nice places and tasted divine food , am looking forward to new entries into ur blog , may u have a prosperous year filled with happiness. Steem on!

Love this work! best wishes to you! happy new year and good luck !

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Happy New Year @rea, I wish this year would be more than double fortunate and good for you (not half as you mentioned). You will prosper in this year! Good Luck from @arisid

P. S. Your pictures are awesome and food are delicious

Happy New Year! you write a good article, especially in Chinese. May all your dreams come true.

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Happy New year. i envy you at England with your husband. I also want to work at other country haha. 新年快乐 。

Happy new year
and i really enjoy your post!

wow,, such a nice place,,, mouth-watering food to crave

thanks for sharing us your travel experience :)

You have seen some very beautiful places. Happy new year @rea x

I can see by the photos that you had a great year. I hope you and us all that 2018 will be an even better year ... @rea


happy new year all friends


beautiful post @rea! i am wishing you a prosperous new year.


keep it up good job
and happy new year @rea


Happy New Year from Scotland

I love your pictures. Your food pictures look so delicious, it made my stomach start growling. Ha ha ha. Thank you for taking the time to post them.

God Bless

Happy New Year!

I envy how much you have travelled hahah, travel is life :) lucky you, enjoy these moments, they are memories that we keep forever.

Happy new year everyone

Amazing photos! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you as well @rea photos are fantatsic and food looks so delicious


Nice post, great experiences.

Happy new years! Keep up the great work :)