Fantastic Visit at NEC Spring Fair 2018 / 英国伯明翰春季消费者展览会

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Once again, I find myself at the NEC Spring Fair in Birmingham city. If you follow my blog, you will know I get to travel to this well-known trade show as a buyer for work related purposes. This is an literally "the" best home and gift show for the retail industry and comes around twice a year.

The Spring Fair opens from Feb 4 – 8th, offering new collections for many store. You can discover the newest and most exciting products currently trending. I find this a great place to find inspiration from and a key buying event to start 2018 with something special!

line 3.png

In anticipation for this show, the new and innovative products that exhibitors bring with them are incredible, Most being fresh, different and boasting unique designs. From the current season, Lamar is on trend as you now see them on prints, cushions and decorations. Also mixed metal finishes such as copper and silver show no signs of slowing down. In addition, "rose gold" colour has become quite strong in a lot of homeware ranges.

Nkuku is one of my personal favourite home and lifestyle brands, offering up stylish homeware products, furniture and accessories. They introduce elegant and cozy lifestyles without any fuss, providing me with decorative ideas to create a warm and inviting home with. I really love the handcrafted details, levels of softness in the fabric and in particular a wooden rustic theme…

Below I would like to share some of the main highlights of my trip:


























(Some outstanding stationery pieces from DOIY and Iron & Glory.)






(How about a little bit of summer inspiration to brighten up those chilly wintry days, lol.)

colour 2.jpg

colour 3.jpg

colour 4.jpg

colour 5.jpg

colour 6.jpg

colour 7.jpg

colour 8.jpg

colour 9.jpg

At the trade show, the "atelier" has worked with industry experts Pinterest and global trend forecaster WGSN, to provide a sneak peek into tomorrow’s key trends, which is very useful for the retail stores. You get to see what’s trending next season, then followed up next year and into 2020 to best how predict your business model for the next several years.

room 1.jpg

room 2.jpg

room 3.jpg

room 4.jpg

room 5.jpg

room 6.jpg

room 7.jpg

room 8.jpg

Also there are various cafe and lounge for visitors to take a coffee break.


line 3.png

Spring Fair turned out to be an essential visit for me. I really enjoy having everything under one roof where you can see the next new and exciting products and trends before anybody else, as well as make real-life connections with new and existing suppliers. And all in a few short few days! Spring Fair provides the perfect opportunity to start your buying season with a bang!

本周我去了参观伯明翰春季消费品展览会。有关注我博客的朋友都会知道,我作为公司的买手每年都会参加这个国际展会,因为它无论是规模或影响力在全球都占领先地位。这个展会包括了工艺品,礼品,玩具以及家庭用品行业的所有产品,每年春, 秋各举办一次,吸引了众多来自世界各地的采购商。

今年春季展览会从2月4日至8日开放,在这里你能看到各种新品牌和热门新产品,还可以了解到目前最流行趋势,本季度最时尚的颜色以及用料等。 对于英国零售业来说,这是一个不容错过的展会哦!每次看展我都获益不少,激发出一些创作灵感,呵呵!这是2018年的第一个展会,所以我也特别期待!




在20号展馆,Atelier 通过与行业专家Pinterest和WGSN 等合作,为我们展示了未来几个季度延伸到2020年的潮流趋势预测。这些包括颜色走向,材料和搭配的预测非常实用,可以帮助零售商做出正确的采购决策,从而降低投资风险。




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Thank you for sharing, I am also sharing my travel experience, hope you can like it.

I just had a client telling me all about this show @rea! Next time I will have to introduce you to her. Lovely pictures as always :)


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