Celebrating Grandmother's 93rd Birthday / 和外婆庆祝93岁生日

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I happened to be in Guangzhou on my grandmother’s birthday this year. I also had the pleasure of joining in the family dinner to celebrate her 93th birthday. How wonderful is that, right?

My grandmother used to a farmer living in a small village in the Guangdong province. It is home to the "Hakka" culture which I hold dear to my heart. After my grandfather passed away, she came over to Guangzhou to help my parents to look after my sister and myself. I spent a lot of my childhood with her so that’s actually how I learned to speak in the "Hakka" dialect too, lol.

Grandma adores comfort food so we took her to a local restaurant and ordered up all her favourite dishes as a surprise treat! There were:

Poached Chicken (白切鸡 )

Spare Rib with Garlic (蒜香骨)

Steamed Fish (清蒸鱼)

Sweet and Sour Pork (糖醋咕噜肉)

Assorted Mushroom Pot (什锦菇煲)

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot (鱼香茄子煲)

Steamed Luffa with Garlic and Dried Scallop (干贝蒜蓉蒸丝瓜)

Fried Cauliflower with Chilli (干红椒炒菜花)

Spicy Bamboo Shoots (辣炒笋尖)

Pancake (香煎薄饼 )

Everything from start to finish, was simply fantastic. The food was cooked beautifully and served up piping hot. The rest of our family in attendance, from the very young to the elderly, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. However the best thing of all was the fact that my grandmother had the best birthday meal she could have wished for!

How's this lovely birthday cake to finish off this wonderful day?








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Auguri !

Awww that's amazing Rea! What great timing that you're there for work, your grandma must be so happpy to have you there :)

鱼香茄子煲 is one of my top faves, and that one looks sooo good!!

Hope you're enjoying the last of your business trip :)


Hey @redrica, the eggplant pot is also one of my fav, lol. Thanks for dropping by!

家里有这么长寿的老人是有福气的象征, 祝你外婆生日快乐!:)



Many Many Happy wishes for your GrandMother and its shows your great Love and care for her to celebrating her birthday. May She Live Long.



Thank you @rabeel. That's very sweet of you to say. :)

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your grandmother on her 93rd birthday! So glad so could celebrate with her family and that you got to be part of the festivities.


Thank you @cecicastor!! So glad I was there for the birthday party!

great food! and I'm sure she had a great time especially seeing you flying over all the way from London


She was very happy indeed that that i could make it, lol.



不谢 :-)

祝外婆生日快樂了!!! :D



@rea you really make feel so happy to see the way you care for your family, happy birthday to your granma, I couldn´t believe she could eat all that kind of food at her age, I wish i had a granma I only met one, she must be so caring, family is so important for me, I am working in my family tree because I think family is the most valuable thing in life. Happy you could go to share with your family, nice pictures, nice blog, nice food, I like the sweet and sour pork


Thank you @ladyfont for all your kind words!


@rea you deserve it, thanks

Many congratulations on your happy birthday grandmother from Venezuela ..

all the cookies in your post are very very I like ...

Wow that is wonderful - what an honor to be there for this and still have your grandmother around

good food .. my very favorite food that is in your post ...

let me have your post resteem ...

So glad you could be your grandmother on her birthday @rea. That's so wonderful given that she lives so away from you.

There's nothing like a bit family get together to warm the heart! 💙

aww happy birthday to your grandmother!!!!x


Thanks Alla! It was nice reunioned with family in China!

Happy birthday to your grandma 👵 ㊗️💕🍰💐


Thank you!

That food is exotics

happy birthday with your grandmother

wow..thanks for sharing

Fantastic post friend

Nice pictures! Happy birthday to your grandma ;D
I always eat those food, but yours tend to look better haha