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Our Steemian friend @exyle and his lovely girlfriend @bkdbkd came to visit us in London for the weekend. It was our pleasure to show them around London and enjoy some of the cool things we have on offer in this great city. One of the places they really wanted to check out was the iconic zebra crossing in front of Abbey Road Studios, where the famous Beatles cover photograph was taken.

Although Abbey Road is a mere ten minutes drive from where we live, but I had never visited it before. Every once in a while, it's good to get back into "tourist" mode, lol. It is such a recognisable place and a cool little experience. So I was happy to take our distinguished guests there and checked the place out myself too.

So, we all hopped into the car and a short time later, we were there. Abbey Road itself is great and certainly lives up to that reputation! A walk on this historic crossing combined with the buzzing of crowds either side almost transports you back to the sassy era of the 1960s and the musical phenomenon that was The Beatles.

Numerous Beatles fans gathered to see the location of where their favourite music was made. Abbey Road Studios is in fact still an active recording studio, therefore actual tours within the premise were not allowed. However the wall directly outside the studio was covered in written messages from fans as a collection of personalized tributes.





Next door to this legendary landmark, there is the Abbey Road Shop that is open to the public and offers some great pieces of art, music and general Beatles memorabilia. Highly recommended for any Beatles fans out there!





(A bit of cultural history of the place before you enter the shop)













The famous Beatles cover photo was taken on the crossing facing towards the direction of the studio itself. So while you are here, a fun thing to do is recreate your own version of this well-known image and walk across it like Beatles did so many years ago.


(The legendary original version)

The crosswalk continues to function as any other on the road with the usual London traffic like buses, vans, cabs and cars. It was so busy with many tourists holding up many vehicles while doing their own personal cover version poses, lol. Some of the drivers were not too happy about this and had no reservations in venting their frustrations, whilst other just smiled and waited patiently. A very surreal experience indeed and one that won't be forgotten in a hurry, lol.

Mostly groups of four tourists tried to synchronise this special pose in unison, making the recreation seem much more authentic! However pulling off the famous walk seemed not as easy as it first looks. We were there for a while observing and laughing at all their different walking styles and repeated attempts. Many struggled to walk at all, turning the whole thing into more of an uncomfortable shuffle than anything else, lol! Loads of fun though, seeing them awkwardly trying to perfect it and capture the moment forever on their phones or professional cameras.




Like every other tourist awaiting their turn, our friends @exyle and @bkdbkd made their own piece of history together on the famed crossing. I think their homage was fantastically recreated. :)


It was so much awesome fun and a must-see for Beatles fans far and wide. If you are ever in the area or nearby, this place comes highly recommended as a fabulously retro-styled pilgrimage to a quintessential location in music history.


在上届Steemit聚会认识了不少新朋友,@exyle就是其中一个,我们一直都有保持联系。上个周末他和女友@bkdbkd来伦敦看我和@ezzy,我们当然很开心,并非常乐意为他俩做导游逛伦敦,呵呵。而他们想去的其中一个地方就是因Beatles闻名天下的Abbey Road。

虽然Abbey Road距离我们住的地方只有十分钟的车程,但我从未去过。这次借机会带上我们的客人,自己也去见识见识。久不久做一下游客其实蛮不错的,呵呵。

经过短暂的车程,我们就来到了Abbey Road。这条街不愧是英国知名的观光景点,人还真不少。在这个有特殊历史的街上漫步,仿佛把我带回到六七十年代的Beatles 世界里。

许多Beatles粉丝专门来看他们当年制作音乐的录音室。可惜Abbey Road录音室不对外开放,但路边墙上满是歌迷的留言,挺有意思的。

Abbey Road录音室旁边,是一家专卖Beatles音乐专辑和纪念品的礼品店。对于喜欢Beatles的游客们,可别错过哦。

Beatles的最后一张专辑是以Abbey Road为名,并配上了无比经典的四位乐队成员穿越斑马线的专辑封面,这也使得录音室前面的斑马线成为虽然不是最繁忙但绝对是拍照人数最多的斑马线。众多游客纷纷效仿当年乐队成员穿过马路的样子来拍照留念。可怜来往的汽车, 总是要让行人。有的司机挺无奈,但也有不少司机兴致勃勃地观看并耐心等候。



Abbey Road录音室是世界著名的歌曲唱片录音地,除了Beatles还有许多著名歌星或乐队的经典歌曲都是在这里录制的。这里是许多音乐人心中的圣地,强烈推荐大家来看一看。


Thank you for sharing this with us! I've never been there.
If only all the people who had anything to do with the place could come back and see how important we still find their work so many years later... What I'd give to see their reaction!

I totally agree with you @cornerstone and thank you @rea for sharing this beautiful post with us! I would love to visit Abbey Road. :-)

Thank you for stopping by. :)

Great comment, @cornerstone! I'd love to get a time machine and see what their thoughts were whilst creating this extraordinary project. :)

What an incredible overview of an amazing location, especially for a Beatles fan like me! I have been a fan for over 40 years and have seen Sir Paul in concert and I still believe his concert was better than any I have seen. A close second to Garth Brooks. Good pics and good write up. I wish I could have been there, but you made us feel like we were. Thanks!

I now see how revolutionary their music was. Timeless and unique. I'm so impressed that you've actually seen a few of these legends in all their artistic glory. Fantastic comment. :)

Wonderful read and pictures, Rea. And thanks again for giving Bianca and I a fantastic weekend full of memories with you and Ezzy.

It was our pleasure, @exyle! You guys are fantastic and your amazing company was more than we could ever have asked for. Must do it again soon. :)

I love going to places like Abbey Road. A place that has so much history and cultural significance to the world.


Definitely. A place this iconic was an absolute blessing to visit. :)

What a wonderful experience not only to you but to all of us at steemit, as we benefit from you nice peace of write up that is coloured with your pictures. Please keep it up. Nice work.

Much appreciated and it's my pleasure. Thank you so much for the nice compliments. :)

What a fantastic trip and I love all the photos you've taken. :) I am definitely jealous! lol Seriously, Abbey Road and the studios is truly a historic stop that no one should miss! I upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you so much, @redamazon! You should see it on a Saturday afternoon. The crowds gathered in and around that area are unreal. :)

@rea I bet it is rather packed, given how popular the place is with tourists. I can see why they love it so though :) I love your posts and am following, so please return the favor... if you enjoy my posts as well :)

Nice photos

Beatles :)!

Wow wow wow!
So want to visit this place. :)

Those who love to explore then it's always interesting to them. And I think they should not stop exploring cause it' always fun. I wish I would be there!!

There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.

@Rea awesome subject and post. really enjoyed the pictures. anything Beatles related is interesting as far as I'm concerned.

Good post and nice photos!

i upvoted your post plz upvote me back !!

I really like this post!! I wish one day I could visit London.

Thank you for sharing!! Would love to go there someday as I love The Beatles ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I hope you do. It's a blast! :)

Crossing my fingers!


Thanks for sharing your experience , those images are great , keep it up

Very cool. I enjoyed your post greatly!

Thank u for sharing this post, good article and sounds like so much of fun, it's really a pleasure and amazing to meet social media friends in real time , and doing this great adventure too I'm sure u all had a blast , would love to visit that roafwalk and create my own version.

This is such a cool post. I love the Beatles. Thank you @rea

Very nice quality pics, thanks for sharing your awesome experience. What camera did you use? 🤔

Awesome post! Love all the photographs! Hopefully i can go there someday

Looks Nice ! Thank you for sharing this with us

Amazing experience. Your post was visually organized in such a way that made it easy to share that unique vibe. Thank you UPVOTED!

wow! I love music and definitely loved this post. I felt I just visited Abbey studio and shop and that crossing. Very nice write up, and way of explaining the place, awesome. I found one typo, it is in 2nd para, 'an' in ' an recognisable.'

fun!! that looks like a great visit! Did you know eachother prior to Steemit, or did you all meet here?

Amazing post, great photos, magnificent place full of history, the best band of the history, @rea I follow you, we must support ourselves as a community, I would appreciate it if you give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything!

Thank you for sharing this with us! I've never been there.
Such a nice place and fun to be with.

thanks for sharing. really nice place and nice photos.

Hey great post,
I upvoted ya!
I used to live about 5 mins away from abbey road studio's. Used to be a great vibe... hope you enjoyed yourself?!

Wow! 5 minutes away! That's so awesome! :)

!תמונות יפות

Thank you for sharing this with us! I've never been there @rea
If only all the people who had anything to do with the place could come back and see how important we still find their work so many years later.
follow me @hattaarshavin

Yes. They could never have known how historical their creations would become.

I am thinking of sending my brother (he lives in London) there and ask him to take his photo in the same pose. I will post it here if he is able to :D

I liked the story.

Its really awesome thanks for sharing your experience.

nice collection you have

This is amazing! I have always wanted to go there; probably the most famous record of all time was recorded there.

It's up there with the most legendary albums of all time. :)

This is really cool! Steemians really are a tight community, and this is a testament to that.

So so so spot on! :)

I really love Beatles, how fortunate are you, living at ten minutes drive from Abbey Road?!... by the way not only Beatles recorded there, even Pink Floyd and after a while Queen, Deep Purple, Jeff Beck and many others!

Thank you for sharing this with us :D

I really enjoyed your post.. great photographs.. great fun! Who doesn't love the Beatles.. @rea you now have a new follower :)

Your photos are very nice. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful places you have there. That was a great adventure. Congratulations

Iove the Beattles too, who doesnt. Thank you so much for sharing, if I never get there you just got me there through steemit!!! Love the photos and very well written!! Upvoted

Thank you, @rachelmarie206. I do hope you get to visit there one day too. :)

upvoted&followed :)

nice post and pics :)

the studio is just amazing


Thank you for sharing your passion with us. I love to travel and make friends with those that share their journey.

Great post. thanks for all the photos. It looks like a fun tour.

Wow 好喜欢这个地方,我也没去过呢,Beatles世界里看起来好精彩💖💖💖

this is awesome! its always fun to play touring in your own city once in a while. i'm headed to london soon so I'll have to add this to my list of places to see. thanks for sharing!

I know what you mean - I live fairly near to Abbey Road and am a big Beatles fan, but I've never been there. I should go one weekend.

What a great story and beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing!

Posts like these are why i joined this platform.. so many to discover and so many places yet to visit for me. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Wow amazing place and picture @rea. Thanks

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What a good trip and excellent site and very nice the author of Post. I will follow you and I hope you follow me too; Greetings.

Great articles and pictures. Specially the crossing the road. Enjoy it.

I was there and walked that iconic crosswalk back in the 70s. Still kick myself for forgetting my camera that day.

Amazing!! I want to go there so badly! Upvote and follow.

What an incredible overview of an amazing location, especially for a Beatles fan like me! I have been a fan for over 40 years and have seen Sir Paul in concert and I still believe his concert was better than any I have seen. A close second to Garth Brooks. Good pics and good write up. I wish I could have been there, but you made us feel like we were.
Thank you for sharing this with us! I've never been there.
If only all the people who had anything to do with the place could come back and see how important we still find their work so many years later... What I'd give to see their reaction!
thanks @rea

Yeah for us Londoners sometimes we keep forgetting about the amount of amazing places

I did walk by that road many times while living in London. But I never went inside the shop, I didn't know it was there. Perhaps I have to go back to London again! When one lives in a city, one tends to forget all the good things nearby. The glass seems to be greener on the other side of the fence!

That zebra crossing is pretty famous. Always people there taking pics.

Thank you for the beautiful story! You guys are rocking on the Abbey Road :)

amazing post!!!! Congrats! You are my inspiration!!!

Coincidentally I watched the fabulous Beatles documentary "8 Days a Week" just a few hours before you posted this. Terrific post, I am English and a musician and I still have not been to Abbey Road. I've followed you, great job.

wonderful places, wish to be there too someday.

Amazing post and good location!!!! Congrats!

upvote and resteem

Such an amazing place. Thank you for sharing it with us. I would love to visit it.

Abbey Road looks like an interesting street. I loved traveling and am in the middle of my Trans-Mongolia Rail Adventure.

love all design!

Very nice overview! Next year I will visit London and definitely will visit the Abbey Road Studios and Shop! Thank´s for sharing.

Rea, Great travel story and blog. Looking foward to see more of you travels. I am land based in America as the wife does not fly. Spread your wings and I can live vicariously through you. Just an appreciative Steemers. Followed, Upvoted and resteeemed.

Would love to visit there one day in the near future even if it's just at the door to leave my name on the wall, would be epic! Thanks for the great post and photos!

this is awesome thankfor shaing

Nice story! Upvoted

I grew up singing Beattles songs. Today is my first day here at Steemit and I am trying to understand how all this works. Please follow me and upvote me if you like my introductory article. Rosa @rosatravels

Looks amazing there, i would like to walk on those streeta. Thank you for sharing this with use. @rea

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I drove across that crossing half a dozen times last year and thought about stopping and taking a photo?
Beatles forever.
I'll do it next time I pass that way. ;)

saludos desde venezuela buen post sigueme

its a rich culturally place

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