A Tasty Munch at London's Shake Shack / 超人气汉堡店 Shake Shack

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Many of you would most likely have heard of Shake Shack, which is the American-style popular fast-food chain. They offer a selection of the typical fast food from you'd expect, from gourmet hot dogs to irresistibly juicy burgers. Add in some tasty cheese fries, a delicious shake to go and you've got everything you need to have a fantastic meal.

The first-ever branch within the UK was opened in the historical Market Building in the Royal Opera House located in Convert Garden, London. Now there are a handful of outlets dotted around the city of London.

I've heard stories about the long lines of hungry customers queuing outside various Shake Shacks all across town and how busy they can get over in Convert Garden. So what is it about Shake Shack that gives these people such craving for their food? In order to find out the answer, today I am taking my "Steemian" friends with me to check out the awesome Shake Shack newly opened in the heart of bustling West End, Leicester Square.

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I found the venue to be pleasant but "super busy" to which I was not surprised, lol. The stories was true, after all! The restaurant consists of two floors with ample seating available. The ordering system is pretty straight forward like most other fast food joints where from the front counter you receive a rectangular plastic disc that will let you know when your food is ready by buzzing loudly.







Shake Shack offers the usual classics on the menu, like their signature ShackBurger, the SmockShack, Chick’n Shack and lastly Shack-cago Dog. They pride themselves on the fact that their burgers are made from 100% Aberdeen Angus beef and all the meat used, including the pork or chicken, are locally sourced and verified.

The menu also has an extensive drinks selection including craft beers and a wine list. Worth mentioning also are the refillable soft drinks. A big thumbs up for that!

I opted for the “Shroom Burger” while my husband went for the classic “Shack Burger”. We also ordered two cheese fries as well as a strawberry shake and extra diet coke.

Not even 10 minutes later, the food was ready. All beautifully laid out on an old school metal tray!


The moment of truth… My “Shroom Burger” had a crisp-fried "Portobello" mushroom filled with cheeses that simply oozed out when you took a bite! I really enjoyed that tight crunch into the soft mushroom crust. The bun is fluffy and delicious as it is but adding in the "Portobello" mushroom made it that much better! My only criticism was that it got a little bit too oily towards the end but otherwise, it was just heavenly.


My husband was quite impressed with his “Shack Burger” too. I also took a bite of his burger, lol. It was a sumptuous blend of fresh ingredients and quality meat as well as some melted cheese. Rich and packed with different flavours!


Though for me, the cheese fries were the star of the show! I absolutely loved their trademark crinkle cut fries Shake Shack use. They looked golden brown and crispy to absolute perfection. With the warm cheese poured on top of the fries, I still have no idea what type it was, but I am telling you that was "ohhh... sooooo good"!


The strawberry shake was rich and sweet too. Just the ticket after that greasy, yet tasty, burger. Haha!

line 3.png

Wow, what a satisfying meal I have to say. That juicy succulent burger combined with those amazing fries. As well as that fast and efficient service too! However, our bill was about £30 in total, which I feel it is a little bit on the steep side, considering it is a fast-food chain restaurant.

But overall, I would say Shake Shack is a great option when you want to grab something quick to eat yet don't want to skimp out on the flavour. Will definately be returning there again soon.

大家应该有听说过美国人气连锁汉堡店Shake Shack吧! 他们家是典型的美式快餐店,从热狗到芝士汉堡包,薯条以及奶昔,真是应有尽有!

Shake Shack在英国首家分店在伦敦Convert Garden开业,现在也陆续在伦敦中心的多个地点开设了更多的分店。
我听说这家店的人气超旺,店外总是长期出现长长的人龙。为什么他们这么受欢迎呢?为了寻找答案,今天我就带大家一起来位于Leicester Square的一家Shake Shack 店里看个究竟吧,呵呵!

来到热闹繁华的Leicester Square,Shake Shack 在地铁站出来不到几分钟步行的距离。店内显得非常忙碌,要排队点餐是必然的!餐厅有两层,座位还蛮多。在这里其实和许多快餐店一样,柜台点餐付款以后,拿到一个手机大小的信号器,当它闪烁红灯嗡嗡作响的时候,就说明你的食物好了。

餐馆菜单与美国店的大致相同,包括 ShackBurger,SmockShack,Chick'n Shack 和 Shack-cago Dog 等经典款式。据说他们家的牛肉是百分之一百的阿伯丁安格斯牛肉制成,所用的肉包括鸡肉和猪肉都是在当地上好的农场采购并且有合格证书的。

Shake Shack还提供多种不同的啤酒和红酒可供选择。值得一提的是软饮料如可乐可以任由你喝哦,是不是很爽呢!



我丈夫的Shack Burger也蛮不错,我还咬了一口,呵呵。其实这个汉堡包食材是非常简单的,一片汉堡肉,一片芝士,再加上新鲜的西红柿和生菜。不过一口咬下去你就知道它有多好吃了!牛肉鲜嫩多汁,配上他们家特制的Shack酱汁,的确美味得让人停不下口,呵呵。



在Shake Shack 这一顿,美味的汉堡包和薯条,加上高效率的服务,都让我们挺心满意足的。不过与起其他同类快餐店相比,这家的价格相对来说要贵些。



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Attractive pictures .. Hhh I think we have a publicity here
Thank you for sharing with us your experience

eh, but I prefer Mediterranean cuisine ...

Burger is not for everyone :)


Yummy, Love ShakeShack!

I think it looks very tasty!)

It was indeed very tasty!

Very tasty
I would eat this :D

Shack shack is now in south korea too but ots so popular and crowded that i still have not tried it yet haha ;; I really hope i get to try sometime soon. Yummy post! I absolutely love it! ^ ^

I know, even here sometimes the queue is ridiculous! I hope you get to try it soon. :)

Love shake shack! Shack stack is my all time favorite!

Shack stack:

Image Credit

looks like a good meal that hits the spot! Yum!

Watching the cheese fries makes me mouthwatering! lol 😆

Me too, lol. I was getting hungry while I was writing it up last night!


I've never been to Shake Shack, but those pictures make me want to go so bad. Thank you for sharing those great pictures.


习惯不一样, 呵呵。


hmm... nyam..nyam....😍 give me a little bit. 😗😁

I feel hungry ^_^

The cheesy fries is unforgettable once seen. I would definitely have a visit to Shake Shack based on your recommendation.

And you won't regret it, lol.

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Shake Shack!! love it!!

Nice burger joint with sinful stuff.
FYI, typo in the title after the Chinese part :-)

Thank you @ace108!

You're welcome

Being from America, I've had shake shack multiple times in multiple cities! I loveeee their shakes and their chicken sandwiches are to die for too! Great review and a wonderful read as always :) looking forward to the next!

Burger lovers, we all are, lol! Thank you for dropping by @foodgurutu. :)

That looks like comfort food at its best! Shake Shack appears to serve some great food. love the fries!

images (1).jpeg

That's quick service and the food looks delicious 😋

I want to try eating it. The picture looks so delicious.


I love ShakeShake and In and Out >V<

I haven't seen any In and Out in London, but will try it if I am in USA :)

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yummy food of london! rea

With love

harj : ) xoxo
Abstract artist

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I also plan to post blogs that spans different topics and am especially interested in posting some history and interesting facts about italian food since I also know the language. I look forward to telling your audience and you about all these interesting things.

Wow, cool to see Shake Shack in London! It looks just like the location I used to go to in Washington, DC.

I think the food there is just "ok" - overrated. I'm shocked at how expensive your meal was!!

But, most importantly, you enjoyed it, and you shared your honest experience with us - and in a bilingual post.


Hello @sarahvain, I agree with you the price is a bit high for what it is. Thank you for the comment. :)

see this sexy vegetable


It looks, delicious, I want hahaha, greetings, invites the next.

yaaaa!!!!ShakeShack! I want it!!!

Looks delicious!!

Thank you. :)

This place looks awesome, thanks for sharing definitely gotta visit when I'm in London.

The cheese fries look just amazing! Head over to my blog to see some food reviews too!

Have you tried Honest Burger and Patty and Bun? They both are very lovely local chains with a branch in Soho. I'm sure you'll like them as well.

wow!! i want eat this, thats looks incredible, good shots!!!! i love your work

that looks amazing, in there! how I miss London town.



So delicious..i like that..

Those fries look amazzzzzing

Wow awesome, it's on my to do list! Doesn't looked too crammed in there either

It looks attractive, I love fast food.
Thank you for sharing

Wow great photography all the images are amazing..... foods looks really good and delicious and yummy thank you for sharing the recipe....

Delicious....lovely shakeshack😘😘😘

yumiiii delicious!

Burger is not my favorite food but I do try once in a while... I never heard Shake Shack since I never see them here in Philippines.. My favorite burger that I've tasted is the 8 Cuts Burger Blends in Greenbelt Makati... The burger is very huge can't fit into my mouth LOL..

The fries makes me wanna taste it later not maybe as good as that but I am curious now and want to mix it with cheese.. :)

Have a nice day..

You just told me abou shake shack..l wish l could pass by someday for a cool relaxation..its a nice place though..thanks too @rea


Beautiful place and Yummylicious foods ! Enjoyed your post dear @rea !

Interesante! me gusta.

Of course, if the food is delicious, I go every day thanks for sharing

除了这家还有 in and out! 都是久久不去就让人怀念的店:)

YUM!! London Shake Shack looks extravagant compared to small NYC locations.


The best burger I've ever had was at the shack in Las Vegas. But holy moly, £30!

They are certainly able to charge that right now as they have no shortage of customers, but wow is that expensive for burgers and fries.

Will love to try the Shake Shack in USA :) Thanks for dropping by @getonthetrain!

this is so interesting, make anyone who see it so intrigued and want to be there.

I ve been trying shake shack in the united states before and i love it... didnt know they have it in London as well