Yoyow online wallet sign up tutorial

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hello, my friends!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to sign up yoyow online wallet.If you like my tutorial, maybe you could send me some YOYO .My yoyow ID is 401989231.^_^

Okay, let's begin.

First, visit this address wallet.yoyow.org on your web browser,I recommend Chrome.There still are some bugs if you use IE.

You will see this page.

Right, in the two input field you must input your password to sign up.
Remember that your password must be 12 characters long.

There is no need to input username or something like that.The yoyow system will automactically create the account ID for you.

Next, click the a little blue button.
It means sign up.

Please remember your password,I recommend saving it in somewhere safe.

If everything goes well,you will see this page.

The number up there is your yoyow wallet ID, in this case it is 455088041.

And the string below is your private key , again, please save your private key in somewhere safe.

Next click the check box leftdown which means you have saved your private key.

Now it will look like this:
Now click the a little blue button to finish sign up process.

Then you will see this page:
This is your main page ,also is your asset page on which you could see your assets number.

Now , you must back up your wallet.This is very important.
Click the last button in the left menu , which will drop down some selection buttons.

The third one is backup button.Click it and you will see the backup page in the right area.

Click the button and then system will generate a backup file for you, download the file and save it in somewhere safe.
Next time you could use your backup file to import your account.
Then select your backup file :
Then you need to input your password ,and click the left button .

If everythings go well, you will see you wallet main page again.

Okay, that's all.

It's a little like bitshares,right?

Now it's time to send me some yoyow, my account ID is:401989231.Don't forget!


Thank you so much!Only my yoyow's are still on openledger.io, there is not yet an option to transfer them to the wallet.. You know where to buy yoyow and to transfer them to your wallet? I will send you some yoyow's for your great article

I will do another tutorial later today or maybe tomorrow on how to transfer yoyow on openledger.io.Stay tuned.

everytime I go to enter password it says "Operation failed: undefined" any thoughts?

What browser did you use?

Thank you for this post. I hope 100 YOYO will buy you coffee or something ;-)

What about refund - how to process refund od ETH if you would like a refund? You know anything about it?

thanks,you mean yoyow refund? you could connect yoyow official person if you want refund

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