2017 The Year China Took Over the Role of Global Leader from the US

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Watch Tian Wei roll over "Mr Kennedy".

watch from 20:15

It's clear that while Americans send their clown on a tour around Asia and Europeans are committing cultural suicide, China this year took over the role from the Jewish UK/US/UN/EU Empire and has established itself as the new Global Leader. As well Economically as Geopolitically as Morally.

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@pagandance - Agree with you Sir.... Chain is taking the global leader post slowly but steadily.... Nice article about this power change Sir....
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Yeah this post can be correct! But we should not forget about RUS! They also trying to get the top! Nice and useful information!


really, informative information @pagandance ...thanks for sharing

Yeah 100% agree thank you for this interessing post

@pagandance, You sharing most informative video. Need to time watch and listen that video. I can simply get idea for this. China now top level in under the economically as Geo-politically as morally. So United states will down some level.

Thanks for sharing video...

Well it is happing for sure but is not as fast as they say!!!
China as India just there to conter them!


On the Geopolitical plan, China has passed the US and it will stay so for maybe the biggest part of the century. I think India will largely stay out of geopolitics and concentrate on economic growth. But China with its Eurasian heavyweight partners India and Russia is no match for the West anymore. They show ambition and leadership and foresight while the rest of the worlds looks in awe.

Absolutely agree with your topic. China will be Global leader recently.

Thats a valuable video sharing @pagandance. Keep going china. Some of states try to be top class state. But currently China has massive activities.
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Useful information and great video.
thanks @pagandance.
Have a nice day

Really information and helpful video.
Thanks for sharing.
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Great post .
Thanks for the informative post.looking forward to read more from you.
Have a good day

Yes it's true. China become a global leader

Yes of course

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Yes 100% agree thank you for this interessing post