the Blue Post [email protected]: the great wall of china.

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Hello guys..its mrblu again..

im so amaze on this great wall of china.
the picture speak itself.
i'm inspired to write a poem.
i dedicated to the people of china and there great nation.

The Great wall of china.

this great wall has many history.
this great wall protecting the lives of family
this great wall symbolize of unity of the country

its wonders from the single stone and bricks.
from the soils and sand,they made it with their strength
People's hard work,blood and sacrifice worthy
hand in hand cooperations.
symbols of abundance for the great nation.

From Mountain to mountains
From terrain to terrains
The great wall stands on his strong hold.

Great wall is strong reflects the country security
and its mighty strong army.
On every generation to generations will adored you.
On every corner on this world

they will call you Great.." the Great wall of china."
"The People's Pride "


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thanks steemitboard

man made marvels seen from the moon, upvoted and followed. ;)

thanks dude shirishaman

Nice poem :) the Great Wall is really magnificent!

thanks susanlo..its great indeed..^_^

kindly resteem my will share to other fellow men on how beautiful and great wall of china is.,..

I hope to one day be able to travel the Great Wall!

thanks dude for checking out my blog poetry..

No problem mate :)