nice tutorial, thanks for sharing

Thanks!! Enjoy :)

Thanks!! Enjoy :)

i see it has some enrichment on the sky but whats the overall effect on the picture, does it affect the whole picture like other software doand how good is it compared to the rest

Actually it only works for reflected or refracted light. Aside from blue sky, it works well for reflection from ground, from tree leafs(see the photos taken at Terrace of the elephants) as well as water surface.
Feel free to check my recent post on other effects of polarizer

Thanks for your shearing

Thanks!! Enjoy !!

I love my polarizing filter! I almost never take it off the lens ;)

Yeah!!! I love it so much too!! But if the angle of the sun is not appropriate, the effect sometimes looks weird

rather good explanation of polarisation and its effects for photography

Thanks!! Enjoy !!

Great tip. All photos look better with polarizer

Thanks!! Thats why I keep the polarizer on the camera most of the time !!

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :)

Thanks!! Enjoy :))

Wow...amazing it...thanks @mcw

Thanks !! Enjoy ~

Its ok..thanks a lot

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