A Letter to Bitshares Shareholders[致Bitshares股东的一封公开信][bilingual]

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Distinguished BitShares users and partners,


I am [email protected], also known as BTS_zichezidan.


It is my great honor to join the BitShares community since its birth. It completely changed my whole life, although I did not even realize this at the first beginning. BTS is the blockchain which firstly proposed “DAC”, distributed autonomous corporation, to defend liberty and protect private assets. At the age of thirty, it is truly appreciated that my dream of changing the world deep in my heart since my childhood has never vanished and then was aroused by the new world created by BTS. On Nov.1st 2017, I will officially become the BitShares Greater China Representative, who is responsible for the operation and promotion of BTS Chinese community. My first step is to start a BTS campaign tour in China.



Compared with other blockchains, BTS is in the largest value depression: it has the blockchain industry’s leading technology and user experience, but currently suffered phenomenally huge prejudice, I once said. What has been neglected by the majority is that, BTS is the king of performance, which can confirm a transaction within seconds, and assure the high transaction capacity at the meanwhile. There has been no one who can surpass it since 2014. In addition, BTS keeps a high level of trading activeness---daily trading volume once reached over 125,000 times. And in fact, this trading volume only reaches 0.0438% of the system’s maximum trading capacity. Having withstood challenges successfully on numbers of dumps and pumps of BTS’s price in the past three years, the Market pegged asset has proved its own stability as well.



For a very long time, however, after the leaving of BM, BTS has been misunderstood as a project with "no official team, no operation, no maintenance, and no one responsible" by the ill-informed new users. But in fact, the core developer team has just released the critical updates for BTS’s core code, which took three months to develop, adding 18 new features.


The biggest problem of BTS is that all functions described in white paper have been implemented, which causes no price expectation brought by new functions, and no space and reason to pull up violently. From another side, however, BTS is a quite mature product. Thus, the next step should be establishing the ecosystem by using time to exchange space, and accumulating until breaking out. From the time of BTS’s releasing, it has cost us two years to make the supply amount of Bitcny increase from zero to 5,000,000. While from 5,000,000 to 8,000,000, it only took us two months. BTS is experiencing another cumulative process of quantitative change, which is long but stable. What we can foresee is that it will surprise everyone at the moment of breaking out.


A such huge upward space is a biggest advantage of BTS so that the only thing we need to do is making all people see the BTS as it is, and this should be enough.

BitShares, decentralize everything!



“锚定货币”的英文应该是:Market Pegged Assets(市场锚定资产),简称 MPA 。

在 BitShares 2.0 里 MPA 又被称作 “Smartcoins(智能货币)”,与时俱进地采用了智能合约的概念,“强制平仓和强制清算实现的市场锚定机制” 就是智能货币 Smartcoins 的智能合约。






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This is all great but how can we measure the success of the proposal? This is something that came up repeatedly during voting that I don't feel was ever truly clarified.

You can measure the effectiveness of the marketing only in hindsight. That does not mean that it shouldn't be done at all. We did nothing in this department for more than 3 years. That didn't work as you see. It's time to try something new.

I think he said in his proposal that there will be progress reports and announcements. Or am I mistaken?