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I believe many people have seen this video of Nuvole Bianche and became his fan. And Ludovico came to China to perform several concerts. This year I luckily have the chance to enjoy Ludovico live. On May 28th, Ludovico Einaudi performanced his 2018 toured Beijing, who is known as the representative of new age musicians in China.

相信很多人都是被这首Nuvole Bianche的视频圈粉的,之前鲁叔来过中国开过几次音乐会,各种原因都错过了,今年终于有幸听到鲁叔live。5月28日,Ludovico Einaudi 2018巡演北京站”完成了这位被誉为新世纪音乐领域代表的音乐家在中国的第一场表演。

Ludovico is a famous Italian pianist and composer. His tour concerts are popular and he has won the attention and praise of the world. His musical accomplishments are not inferior to the glorious achievements of his family : his father established one of the largest publisher houses in Italy; his mother and grandfather were both pianists and grandfather is a famous economist and served as President of the Italian Republic from 1948-1955.

His genre was influenced by musicians such as Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Fariah M. In the mid-80s, he began experiment with new forms of music and film dubbing. In the process of shifting to a more creative style of composition, he accidentally entered the same way as new age and limitism. At the same time, he was also the winner of the Best Film Score Award in Italy. His famous works include the movie “Untouchable” and the music producer of the Turkish promo video. The Beijing concert was undoubtedly perfect, countless young people flocked and all the audience present this night were crazy about him.





this picture is the background of experience as the last tune.


@luneknight, 艺术家咧,好棒哇~~~ img

BTW, @cn-naughty.boy 淘气包你个死鬼,这次又送个STEEMM的山寨币给我,你现在还好意思出来...

@luneknight, 你这么好的艺术,我估计要100个比特币才能买了!

你好!新人吗?一定要去 @team-cn 的新手村看看。倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。

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