〖investment〗Should I buy some of today's SCT?『今天的SCT,是否应该买一些?』

in cn •  6 months ago 


晚上打开 steem-engine 浏览了一下里面的各种 tokens ,我比较关注的 主要是SCT、ZZAN、PAL这几种。

Browsed the various tokens inside steem-engine at night . SCT, ZZAN, and PAL are my concerns.

很让我感到意外,SCT 的24小时交易量居然跌到了第十五名!

I was surprised that SCT's 24-hour trading volume actually fell to the Fifteenth!


具体的看了一下SCT 的价格,已经跌破了 2 steem,目前的价格是 1.85 steem。

Specific look at the price of SCT, has fallen below 2 steem, the current price is 1.85 steem.


SCT has experienced two large price fluctuations.Is the current price of SCT already in a position that can be bought in large quantities?

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this place is very volatile i am being extra careful