Chinese food in Japan

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If you go Japan, please do not limit yourself in Japan Cuisine only. Give Chinese food a chance perhaps you may find it gorgeous.
Food Ingredients in Japan are usually great, with exquisite Chinese cooking style, I am quite certain you will gA42FE59B-2FAB-4177-823D-0BE52062F27C.jpeg828E3FE0-33B6-433C-A827-8C1E623CD4CB.jpeg8B99041E-2333-48F4-BC50-E61AF0B23435.jpeg251EA39C-1424-4056-A4D4-FDD41EE6FA74.jpegC13DDB9D-9B01-495D-B419-DFB7D5B0DB13.jpegF3A80227-304F-4651-9096-EBAC8F10D072.jpeg6C770718-1030-4DA3-9970-E8E720E91129.jpeget your mouth watering.
Portions are huge , I cannot finish up my set.
Restaurant : Okura Hotel Fukuoka 桃花源




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