The North Korea in China (2018 Documentary)

in cn •  8 months ago

The North Korean region of China is not usually talked about. We explore the region and report back.

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If this part of korea was still one the north would have a huge territorial advantage and direct access to Russia.

China will never return this land though and im sure those living on it dont want to join. North korea lol

I watched this episode and enjoyed it. Thank you. I am curious about the real North Korean Country and you've given a small glimpse and left me wondering about the unaired footage. Regardless, I have similar feelings about China and think the idea of traveling it by motorcycle to document it is brilliant. Truly a great project and adventure, I will try to follow more. Thanks.

Welcome to steemit! I'm a big fan of your channel! ;)


awesome thank you!

Great to see you here on Steemit/Dtube :-) I've been following you and Serpentza for a while on Youtube.

Well done, C-Milk!

Hey dude, fancy finding you on here


ha yeah I thought the same when I saw you here. Small world hey

Bold tourist for traveling to North Korea with cameras. Personally, I find that too risky, especially with stories of journalists being imprisoned ):):

I love Nort Korea and china!!

Good to see you’re posting your video’s here now :)

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I am honored!

excellent information and wanted to put as a documentary that good to be in the same community

Impressive one, C-Milk! Welcome back to the Steem blockchain :p

wow, I will watching it later