How to get Bitcoin Cash from the private key of your Bitcoin address? 如何由Bitcoin地址私鑰取得Bitcoin Cash?

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Previously I have published an article which explains how to obtain a private key of the address for your BTC. Now the hard fork has completed, so it's time for us to get our BCC.


Disclaimer: Although the method below has been tested by me, please decide whether to follow or not by evaluating the risk involved first. I shall not be liable for any loss.


Step 1 第一步

With reference to the previous article, create a new address at and import to

參考上一篇文章的做法,於 產生一個新的地址並導入。

Step 2 第二步

Move your BTC from the old address to the new one. This way the BTC will go to the new address, while BCC will remain at the old address.

將BTC由舊地址利用 的 "Send" 功能轉移至新地址。這樣BTC便會被移至新地址,但BCC則仍舊留在舊地址。

Step 3 第三步

Choose a wallet that supports BCC and import the private key. BCC's official website ( has introduced some wallets, but most of them require the download of the whole blockchain, which exceeds 100 GB, thus not quite recommended. I have chosen another mobile wallet called coinomi (

選擇一個支援BCC的錢包,並導入舊地址的私鑰。BCC的官網 (
有介紹哪種錢包支援BCC,但不少都需要下載整個區塊鏈,所需空間超過100GB,所以不太建議。我最後選舉了另外一個支援BCC的手機錢包,名為coinomi (。

After downloading the app, complete the basic settings first. Next we are going to follow the instructions given by coinomi, which is available here.


Step 4 第四步

Click "+ COINS" and then choose "BitcoinCash".

點選 "+ COINS",然後點選 "BitcoinCash"。

Step 5 第五步

Enter a nickname for your wallet and also your password. Enter "M/44H/0H/0H" at the field "Derivation Path".

輸入銀包的別名及密碼,並在 "Derivation Path" 輸入 "M/44H/0H/0H"。

Step 6 第六步

Select "Sweep wallet" from the drop-down menu from the top right corner, and input the private key of the old address. All done!

在右上角選取 "Sweep wallet",然後輸入舊地址的私鑰。大功告成!

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glad that it helps!

thank you!!! this is really useful :DDD

you are welcome!! :)

my coins are stuck in electrum, can I use private keys from there and import into coinomi after sending btc to another wallet?

I think so, but I haven't used electrum before so I can't guarantee that. Maybe you can try and let us know whether it works or not :)

多謝@kenchung老師 :)

不用謝啦 :)

Nice Post !! Thankyou !!

you are welcome!!

Informative. Thank you. upvoted.

great thanks

Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!

welcome !!


那就好了 :)

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