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This tool generates a payout report so you can check the earnings between any two dates. As payout for posts less than 7 days are not finalized yet, the curator figures will be zeros. Comments are also included in the calculation. API will be provided as free-of-charge but use it at your own risk.

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  1. The table is sortable, so you can sort by payout, net_votes or timestamp.
  2. You can book mark the tool by adding ?id parameter so you don't have to type in your SteemId everytime.

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  1. 整个表格数据是可以被排序的,你可以点击表头来对收益、点赞数或者是时间排序。
  2. 可以在整个网址后面加入 ?id= 然后你就可以收藏这个网址而不用每次都输入你的ID。


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多谢肯定, 开发工具是种乐趣.


多谢肯定,这是应 坛子要求赶出来的~~

Thank you for share..,your tool is very amazing