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ICOs are taking the world for a ride. How long will it be before the world governments make an example and take these scammers down? People litterly just creating fake money and promoting how you will profit so much. I'm sick of it!

Even Floyd Mayweather is getting in on the action!


How would we know if an ICO is an scam? They look so appealing ...

is that mayweather?

My friend, a kind reminder here.
#cn tag is stand for chinese.
However, no chinese was detected in this article.
Please use wisely for your tag,thank you

People like you flagging just cause you feel like it have made it so this platform is no longer fun. I have a bunch of steem power and I don't really post anymore. I have no problem using all of my voting power to make all of your comments dissapear every day. Seriously, you aren't the Steemit tags police. No one cares about "your" cn tag. CN stands for whatever acronym people want to use those letters for. The least you could.do, if you are going to correct other peoples grammer and flag them for it, make sure that you are using proper grammer and sentence structure yourself. This platform is a happy place, stop hating on other people just cause they have more SP than you do. Go upvote some posts and earn some of your own steem power instead of flagging people all the time.

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