[ANN] YOYOW main net is up & tokens conversion notes 主网上线,YOYOW代币转换

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Dear community ,

We are very pleased to announce that the main net of YOYOW is up, you may visit our web wallet to create your first YOYOW account. In this special time due to the ICO regulations in China, we would like to thank you all for being with us.

webwallet :
blockchain explorer:
command line client:

Token conversion

Currently there exists two kinds of YOYOW tokens--- UIA in Bitshares DEX or ERC20 token in ETH network. Both of them can be converted into YOYOW main net . However, to reduce the risk into minimum, we would suggest you keep the tokens either in Bitshares DEX or ETH wallet until the new chain is stable enough.

If you want to transfer your tokens into YOYOW main net right now , here are the steps:

1\ Create your YOYOW account at wallet.yoyow.org/, and don't forget to back up!!!

For example, 476967954 is my account number.

After you back up your account, you will have a .bin file, just like other Graphene products, and keep it somewhere safe.

2\ Now that you have your YOYOW account, you can transfer your fund depending on difference cases:

#1 If you have YOYOW in Bitshares DEX, you can send it to account yoyow.out(#395262) via Bitshares wallet, with your YOYOW ID in MEMO. To me, I should put #476967954 in MEMO.

#2 If you have YOYOW as ERC20 tokens in Ether wallet, you may send your YOYOW to address 0xea52357c951F0b2c17B9a6AB555e5503d848013a

And the amount should strictly follow this format:

x.000y, where x= the amount, y is your YOYOW ID.

For example, I want to transfer 5000 YOYOW from ETH to YOYOW main net, I should send 5000.000476967954 YOYOW to address

#3 If you have YOYOW at binance.com, you need to withdraw them to your ETH wallet first, then follow #2.

#4 If you have YOYOW at ICO365, ICOAGE or btc9 and never withdrew it since you participated YOYOW ICO, unfortunately, due to the ICO regulation policy of China, we have to refund you through these ICO platforms at the original exchange rate, and then you can withdraw your ETH or BTC. If further policy comes out, they might open for withdrawal, then you just need to follow #3.

We appreciate all your understanding .


    yoyow team  @ yoyow block #9256


第一步,在http://wallet.yoyow.org 注册好账户,然后做好备份!做好备份!做好备份! 然后你会得到你的YOYOW主链ID类似如下:#号后面的数字就是你的yoyow主链ID(如右图)。

第二步,提币到YOYOW 主链。按照目前YOYOW token的分布,分为四种情况。

  1. 你的token在 BTS 内盘
    发送YOYOW到BTS地址:yoyow.out (#395262),并在MEMO里备注你的YOYOW 主链ID,我们将在3天内发放1:1兑换的YOYOW。
  2. 你的token在以太钱包
    整数位是YOYOW数量,小数位先是三个0,再紧跟你的YOYOW主链 ID。
    以上面的YOYOW ID为例: 如果你想给#476967954这个YOYOW主链ID充值10000个YOYOW, 那么你需要给 0xea52357c951F0b2c17B9a6AB555e5503d848013a 这个ETH地址转账 10000.000476967954 YOYOW.
  3. 你的token在币安交易所(Binance)
    然后按照以太钱包的提现方式兑换(方式同2. 你的token在以太钱包)。
  4. 你的token在第三方ICO平台




Thanks a lot for this information and updates! Namaste :)


Wow! Yes! Amazing news ;)

When I try to create my account, I get this error message:

"Cannot read property 'valueTracker' of null"

Help. Pliz.

When will the actual blogging platform release?

Is the content creation/blogging platform up?

Not yet, but under test right now.

Can I vote using YOYOW Power now? Do I get paid in YOYOW Dollars? Please respond, oh dear Chinese Steemit developer! <3 :)


It's not a scam, this is just a very old post which has expired. Now there is a auto gateway. But don't worry, the address mentioned in the post is also owned by YOYOW team, they will refund you if you mistakenly send to the wrong address.

Congrats to everyone involved. Can you tell me if Yoyow will be available on other exchanges soon? Cryptopia or Bittrex perhaps?

We are actively contacting new exchange other than BTS DEX.

Thanks for the update info. Will the YOYOW wallet also have an English translation soon?

Nice post...
Please upvote my post...

I transfered YOYOW tokens from MEW to "0xea52357c951F0b2c17B9a6AB555e5503d848013a”.
Unfortunately, The balance on "http://wallet.yoyow.org " is not changed yet.
I think i did wrong amount format. What should I do?

can you post the transaction record? I wanna see the details, thanks.

txhash:0x9559355e87029d19da04f35199f510a0dfe045816aef13ab080df5bf4b94ac68, and My YOYOW ID is 258311770. Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the late reply, I just saw it, I'll check it out, thanks.

Thanks. I've just checked my balances.

然后按照以太钱包的提现方式兑换(方式同2. 你的token在以太钱包)。

Yoyow здарова лохи американские

How Atmatrix is going to refund ETH to people who sent ETH directly to their crowdsale address and not by ico.info?

Sucks binance took yoyo out from their site :( but glad its still going strong!

Thanks. Good news



Yoyow? I should that my wallet, sound interesting.


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What compensation can those poor folks, like me, can get who got the news about Binance delisting and sold valuable YOYO holdings at loss. Technically, we don't own any YOYO token anymore but we took a big hit nonetheless.

I'm interested in YOYOW platform though. Will it be all Chinese or the English speaking people can look forward to it too?

The first stage platform will be focusing on Chinese users only, but everyone can register account and use the service just like steemit is English only but there is cn tage.

Thank you. Waiting for it.

@jademont, it's a request if you can fulfill it. Can you please gift just 3000 YOYO tokens to me? I believe in the project but sold them all at loss on Binance due to the bad news.

You can still buy Yoyow on OpenLedger. If you believe in the project, 4 cents per token should seem very cheap.

Yeah. I was going to make an account there but dishearted at the moment.

You can just buy but not deposit there any idea if I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks, great post! Definitely will keep on eye on this token.

Woow.. Well written article, it is great I enjoyed it.
Just keep up sharing things like that.. Never stop.
I have the pleasure to follow you :-)

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This looks like a very useful service, I will give it a try!

Where the hell can I sell my coins? How can you guys not release one single post about the plans and how you guys deal with the situation in China right now? Some people have invested hundreds or thousands.

Yoyow tokens are still being traded actives in Bitshares DEX, and the price is 2 times higher than the ICO price. So most of our investors are very clam except for those who sell low in chaos. We are contacting exchanges out of China, please wait for further update.

I'm going to write a post in my group with over 10,000 crypto members on facebook that you guys are total scammer if we still don't get any update by today. What you do is a joke, a chinese wallet even though you have so many english speaking token holders? No update while you hold millions of OUR MONEY? and your answer is total crap bitshares DEX isn't even taking deposits from your scammer coin.

I can not trade yoyow on Bitshares DEX !
Please clarify.

This is pretty awesome. Never heard of YOWOW before until now. It seems very interesting.

Thanks so much for this important information.

so can we trade them on BTS? and do you have plans on being on a exchange.... also why does you telegram link send people to a decent telegram group.... Not to FUD but this doesnt look good.... I have thousands in this that I was day trading

Hello friend your article is very helpful thanks for sharing this post..... Now upvot your post

正在想这个yoyow如何转到主网怎么操作,就看到了你的文章,真是及时雨啊 Resteem

I transfered YOYOW tokens from #MyEtherWallet to "0xea52357c951F0b2c17B9a6AB555e5503d848013a" yesterday. Unfortunately, The balance on "http://wallet.yoyow.org " is not changed yet. Did i do wrong?

How do you set up the wallet? It's in Chinese and not even a translator app can help. I'd like to move my binance yoyow balance to that.

Firstly, open this web page "https://wallet.yoyow.org/#/create-account". And then, you can see new password field & password confirmation field rightly. Just type your password~ And then, Click the long light green button. then finished. Also, you can download PriKey back up file.

I type my password and I get red text at the bottom. Both passwords are the same. I can't read it so I don't know what I am doing wrong. :(

I have tried this several times. Each time this message appears: Failed to fetch. Do you have a server issue?

And you know that you should transfer your YOYOW tokens to an Ether wallet. And then, transfer your YOYOW tokens according to the format. Like "XXX.000address". Follow this post.

transaction Id or link please

我可以安心的 把yoyow放币久吗?


Great !
Informative !!
Thanks for the information @jademont !

where can I sell my coins if they are on my etherium wallet? In your wallet can not be exchanged and sent to the stock exchange. Start trading on etherdelta.com! It's easy! Have respect for your investors!

Great information, thanks for the update.

Congrats to move on so fast!

I am also intrested

it's great thank's to share it with us I ve followed you !

Guys, join all my new facebook group for all those who have be affected otherwise they won't do anything!!!


Waiting over a month ! Amazing word to hear YOYOW thanks man

我放在binance 的yoyow 是已歸零? 今天transfer 去myether wallet但什麼也沒收到, 真的哭了....


@jademont, please. Can you tell me if YOYOW has vesting power which works like Steemit? If you have many-many YOYOW tokens, will you generate more money with your votes? Thanks!

  • gliten

great information...resteem and upvote

no daring to say much.I just said a very good post.always success,!thank you!