Anzen Science Company is offering to pay researchers a sum of money for putting the names of clients who contributed nothing to the research as co-authors on peer-reviewed research papers, is it legitimate? -CA论文挂名服务

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Chris Atkins, Adjunct Lecturer at University of Exeter

Answered September 13

It’s very much unethical in my opinion. Nobody should be credited as an author of work to which they did not contribute. Given that some hiring and tenure decisions are made on the basis of published papers it’s also a very serious issue.

I find it hard to believe that many academics would agree to this or that any potential clients would have sufficient funds to compensate any who would.



  • 主要研究环糊精的生产与纯化技术
  • 在硕博士期间发表了七篇SCI国际期刊文章
  • 浙江大学 生物工程研究所 博士后

Dr Lin Yu Kiat


吴庆珂 Wu Qingke

  • 共同创始人 Co-founder
    上海盎真科技有限公司 Shanghai Anzen Technology Pty Ltd
    Jul 2020 - Present

山东济南 Jinan, Shandong
盎真科研,国际SCI科研合作,学术出版著作 Anzen Science Company

中国 山东省 济南 Jinan, Shandong, China

  • 区域经理 Regional Manager
    北京百迈客生物科技有限公司 Biomarker Technologies Co,LTD
    Jun 2014 - Dec 2016

北京 Beijing

  • 中国林业科学研究院 Chinese Academy of Forestry
    理学硕士分子生物学 Molecular Biology
    2011 - 2014

  • 山东师范大学 Shandong Normal University
    理学学士生物技术 BSc. Biotechnology
    2007 - 2011


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