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Talk about time.

Chinese first arrived in USA as coolies working on the transcontinental railroad under slave-like conditions. They worked their way out of ghettos, and eventually up the social ladder becoming model minority. That didn't take centuries, did it?

Also, in terms of

Most Chinese came to Malaya in debts and bondages, often in much worse conditions than the natives.
















在内部(党争)不安,外部(经济大环境)失控的情势下,希盟高层作出了一个果断的决定: 把这个烂摊子丢给国阵。



Because COVID-19, like most other pandemics, tends to hit the poor more heavily than the rich. The poor are disadvantaged in the sense that their dwelling places have lower level of hygiene on average compared to the rich neighborhood. This exposes them to higher risk of infection. On the other hand, the poor have less access to adequate healthcare in the US, resulting in higher death rate.

Unfortunately, black communities have the highest poverty rate in USA. That may explain the disproportionately high infection rate and death rate of the black Americans to COVID-19


How can Chinese Malaysians and Chinese Indonesians save themselves from the rising trend of dysgenics in the Chinese communities?

Look at Singapore, billions of dollars have been poured into giving Malays extra tuition and there's even affirmative policies in place to “facilitate” entrance of Malays into universities. Results? Malays still underperformed Chinese, Indians and Eurasians.

The Bell Curve is a fact of life.

China attracted millions of people from Africa and Middle East where human rights mostly remain on paper. These lowly skilled refugees/migrants are detrimental to China's growth and will only be a burden to China's welfare system.

Native Indonesians

For Indonesia, no reaction is the best reaction.

It might sound cold-blooded, but realistically, Indonesia does not have the medical resources to handle a massive COVID-19 outbreak. If Indonesia tries to contain the outbreak with curfews and quarantines, regional economy will collapse. It's better to let nature takes its course (and tolls).

Reverse racism

Reverse racism is rampant in many former colonies, where the oppressed race institutionalize discrimination against the descendants of former oppressors in the name of “affirmative action”.

Why are so many Malaysian Malays calling Chinese Malaysians communists and capitalists who exploit lower laborers at the same time? Did they misunderstood the meaning of "communism" or they just don't see the contradictions in their statements?

How can Chinese Malaysians, Chinese Indonesians, White South Africans and White Americans work together to fight the rising reverse-racism around the world?

If a country must choose between racism or reverse-racism, which one is better?

During 26 years of his rule, Mahathir landed Malaysia, a country endowed with abundant petroleum, into the abyss of trillions of debts.

Mahathir is just jealous of white men's continuing success after colonial age has ended.

Asians met our hierarchy of needs? The ancestors of many Asian Americans literally worked like slaves when they first came to USA (reminder: Chinese Exclusion Act, Pacific Railway coolies, Japanese Internment Camps).

Affirmative Action is not leveling the playing ground, it's just crippling able individuals born to the wrong race.


What languages have cardinal numbers greater than three but not greater than ten ( i.e. 3 < x < 10) in their original vocabularies, i.e. the native speakers can count up to greater than three but not greater than ten before contact with people from language(s) that can count beyond ten?

What languages do not have cardinal numbers greater than three in their original vocabularies, i.e. the native speakers cannot count up to greater than three before contact with people from language(s) that can count beyond three?

Chinese Malaysian

As a matter of fact, most Chinese back in 1950s are not in favor of Communism. If Malaya was Chinese majority back then, the British would still grant Malaya independence, most likely under Lee Kuan Yew's iron fist rule.

Languages in Malaysia

Malaysia: Should Mandarin remain the language of instruction in Chinese national primary schools (Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina) instead of switching to English?

Shrew observations. And did you find that on the other hand, many Caucasians who has lived in Malaysia for years are barely conversant in Malay?

Why so? Because the average English standard of Malaysians are high enough to cater to international expats. And this is why Malaysia is ahead of most other ASEAN countries. We are truly blessed with inheriting the British Westminster style democracy, English literacy (unfortunately now dwindling), and the British legal system. There are ways to promote and develop the Malay language, just not by destroying our British heritage.

It’s very inefficient if you write academic papers in Malay and then translate it to English. Unlike Japan, Malaysia (and Indonesia) do not have a strong tradition of translation. On top of that, Malaysia and Indonesia do not have strong (compared to Western worlds) R&D capabilities and capacity in high tech industry overall.

lượng tử is a Chinese loanword 量子。

Vietnam, like Japan, have very few aboriginal terms for abstract ideas. Highly professional Japanese articles are usually somewhat quite readable for most Chinese due to high amount of Chinese vocabularies. Vietnamese, if written in Chinese script (Chu Nom), will look almost like a Chinese dialect. In fact, Swedish Sinologist Bernhard Karlgren included Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese as Chinese dialects for comparative linguistics purposes.

These facts further showcase my point that Austronesian and Austroasiatic languages are inherently unfit for higher level learning.

Malaysia: Why can't most Malay people in Malaysia accept the Singapore-style language policy where the national language, Bahasa Melayu (Malay language), is largely ceremonial and citizens are only required to have basic conversational command of it?

Malaysia: If the Malays know that increasing the burden of Malay language learning on non-Malays will only worsen the economy, will they still want it?

I do talk to many Chinese parents regarding the Jawi syllabus issue and many of them passed remarks like “we're already wasting lots of our kids' time learning Malay, why is the government adding more useless stuff like Jawi to burden us further?”. I assure you this is not a minority view.

Also, I should make myself clear that I'm not implying that learning Malay language at any level is waste of time. I definitely agree that most Malaysian should master basic level of Malay sufficient to deal with official matters like singing Negaraku, communicating with government officials, fill in forms, and etc. But that can be achieved with 1 period of Malay language lesson at school per week. The amount of time spent on Malay language at Malaysian schools (more than 5 periods of lessons per week) is already too much.

There are some fundamental differences between Japanese and Malay language. For abstract ideas, Japanese either :

computer ko-mu-pyu-ta-ru

mcdonald ma-ku-do-na-ru-do

or by conjoining Chinese words (yes, Chinese words are deeply entrenched in Japanese language)

catalyst 触媒 ‘contact medium’

politics 政治 ‘administration + rule’

democracy 民主 ‘people manage’

It is estimated that 70 -80% of technological terms in Japanese are 'Chinese-ish' in nature and most of these vocabularies coined by the Japanese people eventually made their ways into modern Chinese language. These vocabularies are so Chinese in nature that most Chinese speakers do not realize that they originated in Japan. This is why Japanese relies heavily on translation to absorb latest scientific and technological development from foreign countries.

Yes, but assimilation into European cultures gives immigrants equal access to public education and job opportunities. It's similar in Thailand, so much so that many of their Prime Ministers are ethnic Chinese.

Let's set emotions aside and look at the history and reality.

In 1957 when Malaya gained independence, vernacular secondary schools were required to switch to English as language of instruction in order to qualify for government funding. Most Chinese secondary schools accepted except for 60 of them (which formed the basis of today's Chinese Independent Secondary Schools, 華文独立中学).

Things stayed that way until the 513 incident. Out of the blue, Rahman announced the conversion of all English-medium schools to Malay- medium ones beginning from Standard 1 with effect from Jan 1, 1970. Many, including the Malay language extremists, were caught by surprise as the decision was sudden and arbitrary. Still, it could not be challenged by the non-Malays much as they had objected to it, as the country was under emergency rule exercised by the National Operations Council (NOC).

Climate hoax

Is CO2 reduction propaganda a part of the plan to implement worldwide eugenics as reduced emission will inevitably hurt more people living in less developed countries?

Are most climate change alarmists actually closeted racists because they support reducing CO2 emission which will endanger more people living in less developed countries that are more prone to climate related natural disasters ?

Do people who believe in man-made climate change tend to deny the subjectivity or universality of standardized IQ tests?

Do people who believe in man-made climate change tend to support affirmative action for "disadvantaged" ethnic groups?

Chinese Indonesians

I'm Chinese Malaysian with many China Chinese friends so I'll try to speak from their collective perspectives. It may not accurately represent the majority PRC Chinese's view on Indonesia but I reckon it should serve as a decent starting point for discussions.

In general, China Chinese HATE native (pribumi, bumiputri/bumiputra) Indonesians. Reason? The https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1998_riots_of_Indonesia.

Yes, things are improving after Suharto was overthrown. But the wounds have not healed (and probably never will). The Chinese Indonesian communities used to preserve their cultural heritage as good as the Chinese Malayans, but Suharto's assimilation policy has destroyed much of the Indonesian Chinese heritage. Though there are sporadic efforts to revive Chinese culture among the communities ongoing, it's unlikely that it will recover back to where it was in the pre-Suharto era.

Thanks for sharing your perspectives.

Ok, indeed I don't have concrete figures from authoritative sources on this. I'm speaking from my dealings with Chinese Indonesians in Malaysia. Over the past few years, many Chinese Indonesians who previously moved their funds from Indonesia to Malaysia were beginning to move their funds back to Indonesia.

My friend has dealt with many Chinese Indonesians business owners selling their properties and businesses in Malaysia, somewhat in a hurry. So he asked them why were they in such a rush and where were they moving their funds to? To his surprise, they were moving their funds (in the magnitude of billions USD) back to Indonesia. They told my friend that there are huge opportunities appearing in Indonesia not to be missed. I guess they have more insights than us.

Pre-Islamic Nusantara

The concept of “Indonesia” did not exist before the Dutch colonizes these areas of the Malay archipelagos.

The native inhabitants of current Indonesia at that time were not only aware of Australia, they even built settlements there.

The “Indonesian” settlers in Australia eventually left or were assimilated into the Australian aboriginal societies.

There were Hinduism, Buddhism and animistic religions in the Malaya.

Hinduism and Buddhism are often blended together outside India, which is likely the case in Malaya too. It is not known to what extent and how was the Hindu Caste System modified and practiced.


Black "leaders" like Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali ( Cassius Clay) were biggest jokes in human history and great insult to the Blacks.

A few years back some of the Black Lives Matter members did come to Australia trying to convince aboriginal Australians into kickstarting a similar movement. Luckily it didn't kick off.

No doubt the aboriginal Australians are living slightly below national average but despicable leftist politicians have been making a big fuss out of it for cheap political gains.

East Malaysia

Why are the people of Sabah on average more progressive than the people of Sarawak?

When did Sabah become a Muslim majority state? Is Arabization among Muslims going on in Sabah?

When will Sarawak become a Muslim majority state? Is Arabization among Muslims going on in Sarawak?



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