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If you are willing to be our collaborative consultant and also like do project cooperation, please refer to the funding payment information as follow:

Once we start to collaboration, we will sign the official task confirmation letter with you, and we would pay 50% of the total funding after the original article accepted by journal (we only accept SCI or SCIE cited journal). The remaining 50% of the funding will be paid after the original article is published online.

Collaborative researcher /consultant should provide the project design, methodology or abstract and be responsible for the research work, prepare manuscript and publication (in SCI or SCIE cited Journal). The authorship of paper will be shared from both sides. Collaborative researcher /consultant may retain as co-corresponding author, funding sponsor should get at least the first or second author (joint-first author) or first corresponding author, and then other authorship position that you can freely assign.

Kindly refer the total funding standard below:

The total supporting funds (ONLY FOR ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE,) according to accepted articles (US dollars)

The supporting fund for journal accepted article (US dollars)

0-1 Impact Factor 1600
1-2 Impact Factor 2300
2-3 Impact Factor 3200
3-4 Impact Factor 4200
4-5 Impact Factor 6700
More than 5 Impact Factor According to project negotiation

The total supporting funds(for review article)according to accepted articles (US dollars)

0-1 Impact Factor 1120
1-2 Impact Factor 1610
2-3 Impact Factor 2240
3-4 Impact Factor 2940
4-5 Impact Factor 4690
More than 5 Impact Factor According to project negotiation

The authorship payment of the first author, second author (joint-first author), and first corresponding author are 60%, 10%, 50% of total funding standard respectively. The more authorship positions you may provide to collaborator, you would get higher funding amount.

The funding will be credited to your account using a bank system known as e-remit or bank transfer.


  1. The entire experiment is done in your own lab. We do not provide any experimental reagents and venues.
  2. If we cannot find any funding sponsor yet, we will keep your research plans and abstracts as confidential. You do not need to worry that your scientific achievements would be steal by third party.

If you are interested in joining as our collaborative consultant, please do not hesitates to send us your CV/ resume, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


一旦我们开始合作,我们将与您签署正式的任务确认函,我们将在原始文章被期刊接受后支付50%的资金(我们只接受SCI或SCIE引用的期刊)。剩余 50% 的资金将在原创文章在线发表后支付。





0-1 影响因子 1600
1-2 影响因子 2300
2-3 影响因子 3200
3-4 影响因子 4200
4-5 影响因子 6700
5个以上影响因子 根据项目谈判


0-1 影响因子 1120
1-2 影响因子 1610
2-3 影响因子 2240
3-4 影响因子 2940
4-5 影响因子 4690
5个以上影响因子 根据项目谈判







  • 林佑杰博士

  • 主要研究环糊精的生产与纯化技术

  • 在硕博士期间发表了七篇SCI国际期刊文章

  • 浙江大学 生物工程研究所 博士后

  • Dr Lin Yu Kiat

  • Research focus: Production and Purification of Cyclodextrins

  • 7 SCI Journal Papers during Postgrad

  • Postdoc, Bioengineering Institute, Zhejiang University



  • 共同创始人
    Jul 2020 - Present


中国 山东省 济南

  • 区域经理
    Jun 2014 - Dec 2016


  • 中国林业科学研究院
    2011 - 2014

  • 山东师范大学
    2007 - 2011


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