Pencil Sketch: Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter

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Announcement about the Anime Character Drawing Challenge

Before we begin, let me have an announcement regarding the Anime Character Drawing Challenge first. The Anime Character Drawing Challenge is now officially over and thanks for all of your participation. For the participants who are still writing your posts or doing the drawing, you will have 12 hours more to complete it. After that, I will probably stop reading the post under the #animedrawingchallenge tag. During this week, we have more than 170 entries received in total. There are some people even submitted multiple entries. Without you, the challenge wouldn't have become such a success and I hope all of you have enjoyed this event. The selection process will now begin and prize winners will be announced very soon. Maybe I will even increase the prize pool haha, so stay tuned! :)

One last word, in case you have already finished the post,


Okay, back to the pencil sketch, I haven't drawn an anime character for a long time but the entries I received in this challenge are so amazing that ignited my passion. Therefore, I tried my best to make one too, proving that I can actually draw LOL. So now I am going to share my pencil sketch of Gon Freecss with you.

Final Work



This is Gon Freecss from the anime Hunter X Hunter. Gon is a naive and kind kid who likes helping others and searching for adventure. I like his character very much, though I don't know whether I can finish reading the comics due to the author's bad reputation. LOL

gon ball.jpg


Step 1: Linework of Gon's face


Step 2: Draw his hand and upper body


Step 3: Linework of his shirt


Step 4: Finish the linework of the whole character and add more details and shadows


Step 5: Add the "Nen" surrounding Gon and finally, my Steemit id


Does it look cool? Hope you have enjoyed my drawing. Have a nice day, thank you.


看見這麽多美麗、栩栩如生的作品,也燃起了我對繪畫的熱情,身為主辦者,當然也要來湊一下熱鬧,不然你們大概會認為我不懂畫畫了這次我就畫了全職獵人裡的主角-小岡的鉛筆素描。在故事中,小岡是一個天真無邪、樂於助人的小孩,也是一個超級有天份的獵人,是我最喜歡的動漫角色之一,只是不知道在我有生之年能不能看到作者富慳把漫畫完成 LOL ,上面也詳細描述了素描的過程,這是小岡使出他的必殺技時蓄力的姿勢,配合主角周圍的「念」,很有氣勢吧?



HTLIAO cover 4 (1).png




@bullionstackers 謝謝你 ;)

Here is my entry sir My Last Hour Anime Drawing Challenge Entry - Pencil Sketch: Naruto Thank you for giving me time to submit my work. Hope you like it :)

Wow was surprised.
I like Hunter X Hunter so much.
It was nice to see Gon as steemit.

Thanks, that encourages me a lot. :)

Very cool! @htliao 😊.

Good post...may you always be in success and also always in joy

Thanks :)

unique and interesting painting ... my hope you guys are fine.

Thank you!

Great work @htliao you did not forget your drawing skills

thank you for making the contest sir. you woke up my talent once more. ive submitted 3 entries :)
best of time!

you have a great talent too mr @htliao, no wonder why you have made thi challenge.. i had submitted 3 entries and thanks a lot for waking up our talents and skills in art, specispecifically in drawing.. you've done something which we can be proud of by showcasing wht we have and what we can.. best regards and keep uo the good work!!!

Upvoted and Followed !cool stuff ! I'm also an illustrator but I work digitally, take a look at @derekvonzarovich

Good job
Plzzz vote
Pollow n comment me @mudatnad
Thks u

very good post my friend,
Good job.👍

Cool one. I like the part where his aura seems to make his fireball more lethal.

Haha he was actually playing dodgeball, although it's kind of a deadly match. LOL

Dodgeball can be pretty deadly with that much of aura...haha

interesting and successful always for you @htliao

Good post,big hand to you for shareing this great thing.
Fallow back me & please upvote me also.

Good job this drawing @htliao, thank for share

You are welcome~

I hope next time there is another one. Hehe

Wow, amazing..
Great project 👍
Good luck @htliao

Thanks for your support ;D

You are welcome.^^

hi dear @htliao, nice contest you arranged for pencil sketch drawing. your skills of drawing are admirable and your passion for that also appreciated, nice work done by you, my support always with you.

I hope next time there is another one. Hehe

There will probably be another one.

It's nice to here that @htlao.

thank you for the announcement, I am still drawing myself but the result is very ugly, but I will continue to draw, because the remaining time is narrow, thanks to this announcement @htliao, have a nice day...

Nvm, you can still give it a try.

i want try it again..thank you..and thank for your support..

Well done! Nice drawing :-)

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謝謝!畫了很久 T^T

I agree this post . I like it. greet job .please vote me.

very nice drawing

hunter x 等到 2046 :(

對 T^T 真可惜。


This is an incredible sketch. You are an inspiration to most of the people. Hats off to you!


@htliao 畫的很好呀!

謝謝。 :)

冨慳打緊DQ11, 有排都未有HxH~

increible.. visitame cn beautifulsunday cn-drawing animedrawingchallenge life

Nice drawing my friend and i like drawing...!
always be happy and good work..

thanks :)

Although I come from traditional art, I like this approach and capturing a character with some well placed lines and shapes. Compliments!

@htliao, an interesting sketch Step.
Then what is wrong with comics writer?
I also have the latest post visit me


謝謝 :)


it's always fun to draw an anime character, lets talk to make a comic book....hahahahaha lol


Wow! Nice drawing, @htliao
I like you can see the energy coming out of his hand.

Very cool, your very talent mu friend @htliao

very interesting pictures

画得很逼真呀 👍

interesting post, I like your writing. How to learn to draw?

Keep drawing that you are very talented even more than I ;)

Greetings and have a good day.

Greetings know from me, I love to follow the writing @htliao

hopefully get the appropriate winner @htliao, even if I do not participate in this contest.
if you have time, i really hope you support my post @htliao.

@htliao great post , looking for cool people to help with a new steem project could you help

wow! you have great drawing skills. Nice art work and the shading of the image is great.

Thank you :D


GON !!!!!!!! upvoted 💖💖 where is hunter x hunter 2017 !!

Ill be happy if you would check my work of drawing ^ ^

You got some major skills man :)

Haha, thanks. I know many people have better skills than me. xD

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畫得不錯喔!! 不過我還是最喜歡酷拉皮卡! :D
不過我們這邊是把小岡翻譯成小傑的說~ @@


總是比較沉穩的性格,但遇到復仇之路又.... 唉

Thanks for sharing the announcement about the anime character drawing challenge..
I like so much your "Final Work"
You are so creative..
Keep the good work..

Great job! I voted. if you can, please visit my blog and watch my artwork. ^^

I definitely don't​ know how to draw but I​ like anime. And I​ know also X Hunter X.It's​ a ​real art to draw like that. You have an awesome skill, ​my friend :)

Hi! I'm new to your drawing challenge and I'm one of the participants who submitted my entry not under your comment. It was a bit confusing because this was your rule, "Reply (to) this post to submit your entry." You should've been clearer that we should reply to the comment you made on your post in the first place. Anyways, I still enjoyed your contest even if I was disqualified and would definitely join the next one.

Oh yeah, maybe it's a bit confusing, my bad, but I have already made the words very large in the first comment and it should be easily noticed. Actually I looked at the comments too and you weren't disqualified because of this.

Wow, so cool @htliao hope to join your next Anime Drawing contest :)

Followed :) Please follow back ;)

Have a nice day !

Wow ! Superb art !!


對不起呀 @helene姐。T^T 我在Chat上被炸的很慘所以就潛水了。 :D 還有不知道為什麼畫面全變白了,回覆不了,可你的留言我剛在gmail的提示裡看了,我的答覆是「可以呀」。 :)


Looks pretty nice!! :Thumbs up:

@htliao I like your submit. I have followed you.

dear you are a creative artist @htliao

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