China has created a "smart" suit, monitor the status of the owner

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A new invention was presented at the International conference on nanoenergetic and nanosystems, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang, Junling. Smart suit, created by Cjonline with colleagues, able to assess the health of the owner, thanks are woven into the fabric sensors. 

Flexible indicators and sensors sewn into the fabric of the suit, is able to measure the body temperature of the host, independently monitor the chemical balance, monitor blood pressure regularly and record many other life functions of organism. 

The interval at which this information sistematizarea and is transmitted to the smartphone owner, it is possible to regulate by the application. The program is able not only to organize and store information, but also to transmit the desired data doctor — so people can always stay under observation, even if at this point in time it is not in the room or at the reception. 

The basis of the suit lies a flexible and elastic triboelectric nanogenerator, which Chinese scientists have developed this summer. The generator transforms collected during your motion energy into electrical signals, so that it was able to use in a number of other developments.

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