Bus that engulfs cars is reality in China

in cn •  3 years ago

In may, China made this project

A little more than 2 months after the first project, China already made it

But the path is just 300 meters long

The interior is HUGE

The first test happened this week in Qinhuangdao

With a fast building, the Transit Elevated Bus is a good solution to bad traffic in large cities

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Such a brilliant way of solving the mass transit problem without pouring billions of dollars of time and materials into a massive infrastructure project.

What an innovative idea. I wonder what they wrote in the study, before making it, about tall vans or drivers panicking and turning left without looking. Would this put the entire bus carriage at risk.


The bus works in a special path, probably it's restricted to normal vehicles.


Agreed. To me it's just a waste of money.

Would never work in America, too many lifted trucks.

All's that I can say is that I saw the concept in some video only a year ago and WHAM! the Chinese built it! I am impressed. Perhaps the 'Communist' Chinese have less regulations than the 'Capitalist' West?