A very addictive gambling game on Ethereum

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This is a gambling game. A really simple but violent gambling game that would challenge your heart to beat as fast as diffusing a time bomb.

ethercrash is a game base on Ethereum network and the rule is really simple.

Place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be careful because the game can crash at any time, and you'll get nothing!


Read at the FAQ to find out more. I've personally played for a few hours tonight and below are some notes to take if you are interested:

  • The game is not open-source and no code auditing is available. So you have to trust the house is running a fair algorithm on the site.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of ETH is smooth, especially the latter. But I would advice to withdraw all fund when you are not playing.
  • I won a little bit, 500k Ethos aka 0.5 ETH. Won up to 1.5 ETH once and suddenly the luck turned grey.
  • The highest multiplier I've witnessed is 2000x where if you bet 0.01 ETH, you get back 200 ETH. Crazy.
  • Prepare a really chiling environment while playing, because you will sweat so much.

Overall, this game is very much like day trading except it is the day trading on steroid.

Gambling is meant for entertainment, bet at your own risk.

如果觉得心脏是时候接受训练,ethercrash 会是你的好帮手。这款赌博游戏能够让心脏保持每分钟 200 的跳动,甚至还会流汗不止。简单来说,这个游戏建立在以太坊上,玩法就是下注后倍数指标会从 1.0x 开始起跳,而且越来越快。玩家可以在任何时候提现,一旦 crash 出现而来不及提现,则赌注全部被吃了。

我玩了数个小时,全程紧张无比,最高峰赢了 1.5 ETH 到最后只剩 0.5 ETH 离场。这个游戏模式还真的是很有创意,虽然已经出现了一年,不得不佩服这些人的脑洞。


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Ok, let me try try, heheeheh


Seriously beware 😉

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