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第二名在辣椒比赛技巧是靠技术的 Second place in hotsauce competition (techniques revealed)steemCreated with Sketch.

in cn •  last year

Video你可以看到我们比赛的视频(Need VPN)

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第二名在辣椒比赛技巧是靠技术的 Introduction

结果是- 我没有拉肚子,我没有肚子痛,辣椒只有辣到我在比赛中,比赛后我晚上还见了朋友,第二天还去上班去了。
应为这个比赛我拿到了纹身卷,辣椒卷,几个T-shirts,一个帽子,一个枕头。 重点不是赢了什么: 是我赢了和挑战了自己。

  • Hello Steemit friends, this time I decided to write two articles, once in Chinese and once in English rather than taking my English article and doing a direct translation into Chinese. I read various website on the internet before the competition and after gathering a lot of information I tested it out during this competition. Hopefully you find the information useful in case you decide to attend a hotsauce eating contest or just for helping you with dealing with the hotness when you eat a lot of spicy peppers.

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--------- 我也喝了半个水平的洋酒可是发现到虽然醉一点可以让你少痛苦一点可是如果你肚子有超多的辣椒,喝完酒有个跟大可能性去吐---------

  • (30min before the competition) I had a burger and fries from Grinder Shanghai (hamburger shop) This oil and carbohydrates help with the absorption of hotness as well as a protective layer for your stomach.
    -----------------I also had half a water bottle of scotch whisky but I realized later on that even though whisky can help with numbing the feelings of hotness, however it makes you more likely to throw up as it can upset your stomach------------------

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就像过山车-前奏是最影响你的性情。这个上坡会让你特别紧张后让后开始快速的落下。我会在上坡时候闭上眼睛想别的事情(我有恐高症)应为虽然Capsicum(辣椒)的感觉很痛可是一切都在你的脑海里! 所以在比赛中我在冥想和深呼吸。

  • Just like when you ride a rollercoaster, the designers have the slow uphill trek before the plunge to get you mentally fearful to add to the effects of the fall. Since most of the effects of hot peppers are in your mind, I tried to meditate and also breathe slowly to help stay mentally strong.

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  • I actually got if from the guy who got first place because he had his headphones on before the competition, I felt that music can help with distracting yourself from the hotness along with carrying your emotions to deal with the spiciness. I was listening to some metal/hard rock (Rammenstein and Korn)


我吐了-可是有意思点是应为汉堡的 carbohydrates(碳水化合物)和油,我没有感觉了。不痛不辣!

  • I felt that either I had too much alcohol beforehand or I had a fear of the stomach cramps that would occur later, I threw up. What was interesting was that the food before the contest sort of wrapped up all of the spiciness and I actually didn’t feel it when it came up.

  • I drank a 2L bottle of milk that I had bought earlier( The fat in the milk helped relieve the pain on my mouth and face) It doesn’t help though once your body is starting to process the peppers.
    Sprite had this interesting effect of relieving stomach pain from the bubbles.

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反正9月分时候会有一个音乐会Concrete & Grass 他们跟我说去年在老码头也可能会有1000多个人参与。会再有一个比赛。他们告诉我第一名退休了,所以如果我参与应该可以得到第一名哈哈为我加油拿第一名帮我分享一下这个文章和upvote吧!

  • The first place guy is retiring from the spice eating contests after winning two in a row and I will be attending the next one at Concrete and Grass concert in Shanghai in September. The sponsors of the contest have told me that I’ll probably be able to win 1st place this time and I hope that to support me you will resteem this article and upvote! Hopefully it has been useful and I wish you luck in your hotsauce eating adventure!

My Prizes我的第二名一些奖品

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nice job, man






interesting! I wonder how spicy the sauce is. Burger looks yummy.


the burger was really nice, but if you have too many its going to really make you fat hahaha

Crazy. So what place did you get and how far in, regarding the number of hot sauces you tried? #ssg


well basically everyone got wiped out by round 9-10 but since first place and I were still going strong we got up to round 15

Some spicy things I can handle but this competition would probably kill me, twice.

Looks memorable, lol

oh man.. i want to throw up just watching you guys downing all that chilli! congrats on getting 2nd place and hope you get 1st place next time


thanks alot, i'm going to try my best!

very brave.


haha it was fun!

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