The delocious Little banana pie 小小香蕉派

in #cn6 years ago

Yesterday I bought a lot of bananas, the family people did not eat finish, today there are a few ripe bananas, so I thought use to bananas for the children to do some Little banana pie to eat.The practice and ingredients of the Little banana pie are very simple, but the fried banana pie is crispy and sweet, and it is very delicious.You can also try to do it for your family. It's simple and quick!
Ingredients:bananas, wonton skin, and your loveheart!
Specific practices can refer to the following picture.

Hope you like!


Banana cake. I have never seen it before. It is unusual for Ukraine.

看起來好好吃喔 加點煉乳感覺不錯


Youre good

Did you steem the banana or fry it? I think I must try this treat for my little jane.

Wow... it seems so delicious. Thanks for sharing.

it look Delicius! thank for this easy recipe!

so you used banana on the right way to make banana pie looks delicious,Thanks for nice sharing @elfkitchen

make me hungry.....nice photo

Good! I will do it follow your steps.

Wow this is soo creative. Using wanton skin. First I thought it looked like fried dumplings.

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