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Since I came to STEEMIT, I often share my own cooking food or the delicious food in the restaurant. I hope friends will have the opportunity to come to the middle of China and try some of these delicious food.Today I want to share some delicious local dishes, this restaurant is very common decoration, but the food is very delicious.Food prices are not expensive, we ordered the six main courses and 4 side dishes, a total consumption of more than 300 yuan, the conversion of US dollars is more than 50, very affordable.
I took some photo,please have a look together!







Hope you like!


Wow, this looks so delicious!

yah man i feel love that

看起来很美味,特别是冷盘。 我希望我能去中国吃这些菜。 我可以知道哪个城市吗? 谢谢你的文章@elfkitchen


wow... am hungry now...yummy and mouthwatering dishes..and very affordable indeed! thanks for sharing this...

welcome and find time to check my latest blog posts too...;)

Welcome as always and keep it up dear... Do find time also to check my posts


I like your photos, please follow me


where do I find the recipes for these delicious meals(?), in english please

There will be these foods in the middle cities of China


Beautiful pictures and food. Looks so delicious and is inexpensive too.

where do I find👌👌👌 the recipes for👍👍👍 these delicious meals👌👌👌

There will be these foods in the middle cities of China.

It is very👍👍👍 good 👌👌👌👌that Sir China has these foods 🎂🎂🎂in the middle town💐💐💐



Yummy looking meals, hope you enjoyed them!

seeing this article i am feeling hungry its so delicious food i appriciate that

Lovely dishes and great photos. It's really nice to see cuisines around the world. We are very lucky to be in the community with so many different people from all over the world so we can get a glimpse into their life. Thank you for sharing.

Takoyaki!!??? Very intresting!! Look do yummy👍😆

Nice post tho

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The food looks very tasty!

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