The children's snacks - spiced dried meat floss 五香肉松

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I often do the meat flosss to the children eat, meat floss can be made of spiced dried, sweet, spicy, seafood taste and so on,My child likes to eat spiced dried meat floss.Do the meat floss needed pork, beef, fish and so on your favorite meat.The practice of meat floss is very simple, only need a bread machine and your patience.meat Floss delicious and nutritious, you can also try to do for your children!
I took some photo,take have a look together!

Hope you like!


The bread is so cute.
But children are more cute.
I want to eat too.

it would be a great idea to replace the meat in the burger by your creation....

Solutions to problems are like sunshine. really good one!!!!

连肉松都会做 厉害了





Just tried this recipe. It was successful and the pork floss turns out crispy and tasty! Thanks for the recipe

Thank you too !

Dear @elfkitchen, today u share one more simple and tasty children snacks waoo spice dried meat floss, nice to see your pictures which also shows your photography skills, thnks.

@elfkitchen What a wonderful and heartwarming Tale..

Cuty baby

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