Rural delicious crispy rice porridge 美味的乡村锅巴粥

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My hometown is very remote in the mountainous area, in the childhood memory, the hometown is very poor,I came to city at the age of 15 to learn, and then left hometown.For work reasons, I have not been back for many years.This time because the government to engage in new rural construction, my family old house to be demolished, so I back hometown to have a look.Hometown changes are still great, built a lot of new houses, people's lives much better than before, I believe that the future will be better.
This time back hometown also eat crispy rice porridge, or childhood memories that taste, really delicious! If you have the opportunity to come to China, be sure to try eat the crispy rice porridge!
I took some photo,have a look together!

Traditional cauldron 传统的大锅灶

Dismantled the old house 拆掉的老房子

Ancient articles for daily use 古老的生活用品

Hope you like!


My childhood do the same in other way... the leftover rice will let it dry under sun and roast afterward with some sugar or salt to taste. Eaten crispy.

Do you ever think about moving back to the mountainside/countryside?
I grew up in the country, we only had 2 local stores and it was hard to even watch more than a few stations of television. Now I live in a 20 storey apartment complex, in a city of almost 4 million people, a completely different world. There is always a lot more happening but I don't know if it is necessarily better.

The joy of eating food increases when the one's accustomed food comes in another out look like the crispy rice porridge. Thanks @elfkitchen for your update.

Thank you too!

I like these pictures! Which make you remember your childhood, and this delicious dish, don't have better than simplicity .

I'm agree
Good Good

great pictures, imposible of me to get it

A lot of beautiful things, your city looks ancient i like thank you for show us your city @elfkitchen

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@elfkitchen This is Wonderful, you have started this with a good friend.
I'm excited about seeing the white rice
and processing tool from the ground
in this photo

Rural rice with village people prepared is delicious to eat mam






Nice post thanks!!

Beautiful pictures. Please tell us how to make the rice dish.

Yeah i have eaten those. Traditional dishes are too damn delicious..

nice post

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Rural rice with village people prepared is delicious to eat mam👌👌👌👌👌👌

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Nic post good luck @elfkitchen

In Indonesia, the crispy rice they fry it

Nice shot thank you for sharing with us :)

o(^▽^)o 好古老呀

i miss this very much, my hometown also has.

Wow I was very intrigued by your post. I grew up here in Canada, and we had a very comfortable childhood. You have really opened my eyes to reality, not just something you watch on TV. I have never had the opportunity to travel to China, and would absolutely love to one day, but here you have given me a taste of not only the culture in the food but also how life was. Thank you. Upvoted and following. Here in Canada we have something a little similar called rice pudding. We serve it hot with milk and it is cooked with sugar and sometimes raisins.

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