Roses bread 玫瑰花面包

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My husband has not sent flowers to me for a long time. I want to make a rose bread for myself.For the first time made bread in the shape of roses, no baking before the shape is still beautiful, the oven temperature may not control well, after the roasted shape is not very good.You can made a roses bread to give yourself too, look forward to yours bread than mine look good!
Specific methods can refer to the following figure!

Hope you like!



It looks really good.
I like color and unique.

mhhh hope they tasted as good as they look?

how long should i keep it in the oven?

I thought it was harder before I read this post

same here but they are so simple and amazing right!

your welcome :)

It looks delicious .. Home made bread is really healthy for body. Thanks for sharing your food recipe.



If i come to china do you invite me to try your meal ?

You are welcome!

This is just amazing and super creative. Thanks for sharing!

The bread looks so good and the taste must be wonderful.... I believe you are a good cook and have many recipes to share here.. I am waiting for the next recipes from you

Looks tasty! Did your husband take the hint and send you flowers?

Lake Titicaca.....Nicaragua! Aqua! For my bunghole....

Yes, of course! Thank you!

OMG can't believe my eyes they are interesting to be made and you made them perfectly beautiful... SO NEATLY DONE and that looks so delicious... :)

welcome dear :)

Fantastic idea. And as always, beautiful food post. I feel inspired to make my own rose bread now, thanks so much @elfkitchen

hi, be very rich bread, greeting

great feed, nice story. i'm very intresting about it

It looks so 😋 yummy! And the flower 🌺 very beautiful,it's a good idea to make the brioche in the form of flower.


I love roses and seeing you made the bread with roses on top was so beautiful, I want to try very soon. Thank you for sharing.


Nice work keeep it up!

This deserves a resteem. Beautiful!

It looks like chinese steamed roll.

wow a very interesting cake and made me tempted to eat it , I'm a cake enthusiast as well, look at the cake I'm posting :)

Awsome post..!


Good idea. They look very delicious.

This looks absolutely delicious! Thank you for these step-by-step instructions on how to do something! PRESENTATION IS KEY! Even if the food tastes delicious, you have to make sure it LOOKS delicious as well! I will have to try this at home soon.



I love this! I cannot wait to present this at my next dinner party!

Yum !
that looks so delicious , kids will love the look and I believe the taste too.

I am sending you flowers 🌼 🌼 🌼

Thank you for the receipt @elfkitchen. Looks easy enough to do it. Saving this!!!

Wow can I have the recipe for this? I can wait to make one by my self 😘 😍

wow this looks so delicious

It looks wonderful, I am gonna try to cook it....very nice!!!!

Very nice! It looks delicious.

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