Roadside breakfast 路边早餐

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Today to get up early to deal with some important things, no time to prepare a rich breakfast for the children, so go out to buy some roadside breakfast for the children to eat.Roadside breakfast variety, color is also very attractive, and occasionally eat some or can,But can't eat very often. I think health is not very good.Health first, or from home to do food more safety and health, tomorrow is the weekend, you are prepared to do for your family healthy breakfast?
I took some photo,take have a look together!
Flaky pastry 酥饼

Frying 油炸类

Ma Yuan 麻圆

Fritters 油条

Miscellaneous grains cake杂粮饼

Tenderloin 里脊肉

rice cakes 米糕

Sauce cake 酱香饼

Tea eggs 茶叶蛋

Steamed eggs 蒸蛋

Hope you like!



Looks delicious!

thanks for your advise.....i like this post...

Mmmm it all looks delicious !! Thanks for shareing with us ! I @karenmckersie am now followingvyou on my account @momskitchen just started 2 days ago ! If you follow me back i will upvote and resteem all your posts on my new food only blog !! Thanks and check it out ! I have upvoted and resteemed this as well for you ! 👍👍👍😋😋😋

Awesome thanks so much @elfkitchen ! My all food blog is getting a great following and some really awesome food posts from the best on steemit including yours my friend ! Looking forward to your next post which i will upvote and resteem ! 👍😋💙🍽


Very interesting food to me . Seems delicious :-)

@elfkitchen, wao nice, share an adventure "'Roadside Breakfast"' with us done by u today. In which dishes like flaky pastry,fritters,tanderloin,rice&sauce cakes, tea&steamed eggs looks so tasty.
yo r right that there should no compromise on family health bcz having food from home is so secure & good for health as compare to hoteling.

Hi @elfkitchen, Thanks for sharing another morning sweet post. Although you are a great chef, but I love your photography skill too. And your way of presentation is mind blowing. Keep posting the sweet & delicious things for our wonderful Community. Regards!

Looks better than a gourmet dinner :)

Health comes first but to me, eating from these hawkers seems fun though I pick up the one where I see cleanliness. Anyway, you have posted photos of some very tasty looking foods and I hope your family might have enjoyed eating it all a lot. Nice post @elfkitchen and have a good weekend.


You're making me hungry!

I am... so hungry now :O... that food is new for me (well, not at all)


Wow...yummy breakfast..i love the sauce cakes..


You're a very resourceful. I like the food you bought for breakfast




you should enjoyed these !!!

@elfkitchen Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts..

All of the breads look so good!

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@elfkitchen Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts. Resteemed.

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