Rich breakfast on the weekend 周未早餐随心吃

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In our home is very focused on breakfast nutrition, often concerned about my blog friends all know.I spend a lot of time every day to prepare breakfast, the saying goes, breakfast to eat well, one day will be good.Today is Sunday, the children get up later than usual, so I have time to prepare for a richer breakfast.I made their favorite toast for the children, for the adults to do two kinds of noodles when breakfast!Family people like their own breakfast, eat very happy, I feel happy full!

Tomato Egg noodles 西红柿鸡蛋面

meat fried noodles 肉丝炒面

Yogurt toast 酸奶吐司

Hope you like!


Delicious food right there.

Love it, now I'm hungry dear.

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Thank you

Love the fried noodles! The yogurt bread looks good and interesting! Good morning. Tess :)





@elfkitchen, really looks rich breakfast all the dishes much tasty . my hunger heat up after seeing this. much attractive. you always share tasty tasty food for us thnx for it. i always waited a such one and supported u.

very interesting and made me hungry my friend @elfkitchen

好丰盛啊 酸奶吐司是自己做的吗 看起来好好吃


Everyone loves the week end..and that to sundays are very special ..we can spend time
with family , good lunch ,at home.. so enjoy...

@elfkitchen, This is one of the tastiest blogs with very professional food 🍝🍕 photography! Want to see you at the top! Good luck!



@elfkitchen I like food from Asia.
I have one guy from Japan in my team. Every day I​ am telling him how much I​ like their food. Especially​ Ramen. :)

Hello my friend! Nice post, you know that the breakfast is the principal Meal on our day, but the most of people they didn't give it importance, some didn't have it, i like your food to start a healthy day.

This looks good... I must go and make too :)

WoW! that looks amazing! I am eating eggs and it doesn't even look close to that. SMH. lol



Love to eat this in Lunch time.

Looks so delicious 😃

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@elfkitchen what did the children say when seeing this feast? :)

upvote upvote thnx :*

looks Yummy as usual.

Hi @elfkitchen!
Richer breakfast = Toast & Noodles ------> I second it as my children think so!

Today me with my family got up late too due to Sunday like yours, Here is my breakfast, which I must say is Richer than yours:




delicious breakfast.

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Yummy post. its Make me hungry 3:)

MMM I'm hungry now:)

This looks amazing @elfkitchen. 😍

Everyone loves the week end..and that to sundays are very special ..we can spend time
with family , good lunch ,at home.. so enjoy...

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