Rich breakfast on the weekend 周未早餐随心吃

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In our home is very focused on breakfast nutrition, often concerned about my blog friends all know.I spend a lot of time every day to prepare breakfast, the saying goes, breakfast to eat well, one day will be good.Today is Sunday, the children get up later than usual, so I have time to prepare for a richer breakfast.I made their favorite toast for the children, for the adults to do two kinds of noodles when breakfast!Family people like their own breakfast, eat very happy, I feel happy full!

Tomato Egg noodles 西红柿鸡蛋面

meat fried noodles 肉丝炒面

Yogurt toast 酸奶吐司

Hope you like!


Delicious food right there.

Love it, now I'm hungry dear.

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Thank you

Love the fried noodles! The yogurt bread looks good and interesting! Good morning. Tess :)





@elfkitchen, really looks rich breakfast all the dishes much tasty . my hunger heat up after seeing this. much attractive. you always share tasty tasty food for us thnx for it. i always waited a such one and supported u.

very interesting and made me hungry my friend @elfkitchen

好丰盛啊 酸奶吐司是自己做的吗 看起来好好吃


Everyone loves the week end..and that to sundays are very special ..we can spend time
with family , good lunch ,at home.. so enjoy...

@elfkitchen, This is one of the tastiest blogs with very professional food 🍝🍕 photography! Want to see you at the top! Good luck!



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