Picking lotus seeds 采摘莲子

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Do you like to eat lotus seeds? I and the children all like to eat.Summer eat tender lotus seeds, like fruit fragrance delicious,To the early autumn, with dry lotus seeds to do soup, nutrition and delicious.
Today, I was walking in the suburbs with my friend. I was lucky to see a lotus leaf and lotus and lotus seeds.With the permission of master, I picked some ripe lotus seeds back, ready to dry and made lotus seeds Soup for the children.
I took some photo,take have a look together!

Hope you like!



Esto me causa tripofobia!!

a mim também !!!!

Those look really different, I have never eat , will have to try it . thanks for sharing those :)





I have never had one of those, I will have to try it someday. Thanks for the inspiration!



hi dear @elfkitchen, you always share useful and health, food related topic, today the topic you shared about lotus seed also very informative. lotus seed also known as covenient snack that contains protien with calcium,phosphorus,iron etc also helpfull to treat in heart and kidney problms.
thnx for sharing. my support for u resteeming following.

lotus seed dessert ... my mom cooked today.

looking good, what's all in that?

I have never tried before.....looking forward to taste lotus seed someday :)

Yr picture are really excellent level . Full of nutritional benefit of seed

Man that's one creepy yet cool plant, thanks 4 sharing!

Lovely I do like lotus seed very much, in sweet and savoury dishes.

a new part explored with superb pics keep going on.

a very good post and I really like this post

Wow never knew you could eat them... I'm going to share this with my daughter.

Wow I didn't know those looked like that. Pretty and unique looking.

In Russia, lotus flowers are also beautiful, but not edible: (

Never tasted these, they look very alien like when they are producing the seeds. The flower looks beautiful, what a strange plant.

Elfkitchen, I did not know you can eat lotus seeds. Interesting! I will read more about this.

Those look so interesting!

seed purity and many benefits especially for linfa, kidney and strengthen the heart muscle "lottus"

@elfkitchen Xie Xie for sharing some healthy information! I don't know much about lotus seeds but look forward to reading up more about them. Namaste :)

This is amazing. I have seen this before. Thanks for sharing.

This just gave me trypophobia!

Thanks for sharing another wonderful Blog @elfkitchen. I read about it on Google and I found it very useful:
''Lotus seeds are a rich source of phosphorus, protein, potassium and magnesium. They may also contain zinc and iron. The seeds contain low levels of sugar, sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat. One ounce of raw lotus seeds contains approximately 94.3 calories"
How is the taste of lotus seeds...? Also please share some post in which you mention your weekly food Plan for kids and also for elders. I'm fond of your blogs now onward. Thanks for having with us on this wonderful Community!!

Look natural & healthy. Thank you for your post.


Oh no. Some of these photos really trigger my trypophobia! I don't feel well now 😣

Wait a second! I really thought lotus has to be grown in the pond or grow in water. This is kinda nice and new to find out it can be grown on dry land; muddy? Am I incorrect on this assumption?!

BTW, very vivid beautiful photos my dear. Aloha!

This is the first time I've seen and known that a lotus has a seed on it. Thanks for the post ! It's great!