My breakfast - delicious big fried dumplings 美味的大煎饺

in #cn6 years ago

My family people likes to eat dumplings, I often give them a variety of dumplings.Today, I do dumplings much larger than the ordinary, this big dumplings can only fried to eat, fillings can be with their own preferences with.Crisp big fried dumplings are very delicious, the specific practice can refer to the following illustration.

Hope you like!


You make dumplings like a boss! :)

Very interesting.good post

you have nice breakfast @elfkitchen. i always eat rice on breakfast.

Very nice all picture

Lovely, I'd really like to make some too but there's no instructions. I can work out the filling by the photos but what flour should I use?

usually people use wheat(good to kill flies)flour, I prefer organic spelt flour, which is more healthy.

Thank you, I'll try with organic spelt flour as I'm in to searching for good food but healthy for our body too.
use Your search engine with hildegard von bingen spelt flour
spelt helps my health

Awesome! Those are some yummy looking dumplings!

I'm very interested 😊

Back in my country if u wrapped it in such a manner its called karipap. A delicious Malay savory.


Yummy dumplings, Dumpling is my favorite food. :-)

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