Hand made moon cake 手工制作月饼

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Another half a month is the traditional Chinese festivals - Mid-Autumn Festival.Since I like baking, every year approaching Mid-Autumn Festival I will do some moon cake mail to distant friends, to express my thoughts on them.This time I made eight different tastes of the moon cake, after the completion of the shape is also good, ready to pack, postal mail tomorrow.Friends and family are love me to do the moon cake, this batch done, the next time I will do more moon cake for the family people!
Take look at the moon cake I made.

Hope you like!



i love moon cake

too yummy ....I would like to eat one them. Now I am hungry.

nice to see this type of post and thank you for share.

So sweet, @elfkitchen! I like it and will ask my honey try to do that;) thx for share!

Thank you too!



哦,亲爱的 @elfkitchen,你有一个天赋的食物/烘焙等等,你们非常明智地用于娱乐和教育人们。您的新碟手制月饼是美好的,这是八种不同的口味看起来如此美味和有吸引力。

you wellcome dear

I absolutely love mooncakes! The best time in Malaysia was just before mid autumn festival when all the shopping malls had stalls selling mooncakes and giving free samples, 很好吃!

Hi @elfkitchen, hope you're doing good. Now me and my whole family has become 'FANs' of your great dishes. Everybody is waiting for your next sweet & delicious Post. Can I ask for a dish(From Pakistani Culture)...?
Today's stuff is outclass as usual. No words for your skills!

Thanks for your focus!

Thanks sheare this post.

Thank you too!

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