Entertain guests' homemade dishes 待客家常菜

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I have two very good friends, usually at work and life we all help each other, what encounter unhappy things can talk to each other,Comfort each other.Three family relationship is very close, adults are friends, the children are also very good playmate. When three families have time, we will all get together to eat and talk. we all go to their respective homes and do their own special dishes to serve each other.Today, we went to one of sister's family gatherings, sister's cooking skills are great, the food is delicious, very happy party, wish friendship is forever!

Corn and sparerib soup 玉米排骨汤

Cucumber in Sauce 凉拌黄瓜

Spiced beef 卤牛肉

Roasted Duck 烤鸭

Sweet and sour hairtail 糖醋带鱼

Garlic Shrimp 蒜蓉基围虾

Fried rice noodles炒米粉

Spiced Chicken feet 卤鸡爪

Salted chicken 盐水鸡

Hope you like!


All the dishes look very tasty, I hope you had a good time

I pretty sure they had a good time with all those delicious looking food.

Great post of food photography, thanks for sharing.

The pictures of the food looks very delicious.

@elfkitchen you've made me hungry, looks absolutely amazing!

looks so nice

My goodness, this all looks delicious.
I wish I had a friend who could cook me up a feast like this from time to time!

So nice food this is delicious and very tasty.
I love these recipes..




Wow! These food looks so delicious my friend, you made me salivate with this tasty dishes.

My godness it looks hilarious!


Great post. I was having a similar conversation with someone the other day. In comparison with what we see and are not capable of seeing the knowledge we have gained through scientific means is nothing more than a speck of dust. So it is not right to say science answers all the questions or can be the moral arbiter of society as some present day philosophers like to argue.


Beautifully presented food. Just looks simply delicious and your pictures are outstanding.

I bet if I lived there with such food I would die xD I can't eat this :( idk just can't, maybe I could try duck and beef but other I wouldn't touch, just bc I'm very picky to food and sometimes I leave food in restraunts :( I guess east kitchen like Chinese, Kazakhstan, Japan I rough for me :/

Its look very delicious.. mm I love it


Good friends, delicious foods.

yam yam it's very delicious thank's for your post can you tell me how you do it ? I've followed you !

The chicken feet, I think iys an exotic food. First serce in Asia espicifically China, correct me if I am wrong.

Wow... this food looks good :) and this wine, it's definitely very good.

This is nice, and I am hungry now too.

You have got me salivating all over. lol. You are really good at what you do. Great job.

I like this very much. chicken legs and wine :)

very natural and delicious, I think the raw material is easy to get from around us

Looks delicious! Wish I could sample!

Wow! lovely dishes! I love the presentation and the wine =D
It's a great post @elfkitchen. I hope you can share your thoughts as well about mine. Come visit me @tiffanyrej

I'm in the middle of aja😁😁😁😁



Looks so delicious!!

You have starved me
very nice
thank you

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I want to eat it all !!!!!!!

Very nice! Food looks delicious.

wow speechless where are u from guys_

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