Cute cartoon pasta 可爱的卡通面点

in #cn6 years ago

I like to do all kinds of pasta, there are color cartoons pasta that I prefer to do. do not use color when doing color pasta, but the natural color, such as I used pumpkin, carrots, vegetables.The pasta made of lovely cartoon style, my children will be like, and then will be very happy to finish eat.This time I made five different shapes of the pasta, is successful.I am happy to spend my time and mind to do these lovely cartoons pasta, this process makes me feel happy.
I took some photo, take have a look together!

Hope you like!



I can not eat because it is so cute.

Very creative and colorful @elfkitchen. They look like minions, just need a blue belt. And, off course, minions are funny. Planning to watch Despicable Me 3 coming Tuesday.

you are very creative are genious.

It looks very cool 👍
Can you please give us more detailed recipe.
I'd like to surprise my kids.

You can view my previous articles.Thank you!

The food looks delicious

Awesome ideas will definitely try the minion ones! Girlfriend is crazy for em :P

These forms are extraordinary. You are very creative and congratulate you for that!

Food crazy and publisher crazy - wonderful wonderful
食物疯狂,出版商疯狂 - 精彩绝伦

yes,,,your idea is very good ...i like this post...

hii dear @elfkitchen, wonderfull, intersting much attractive art skills you showed by making cartoon style pasta the favourite of all childrens as well as elders, i appreciate your this effort, my daughter after seeing these pics demanded for that.

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