Countryside Cuisine - big steamed dumplings 乡村特色美食-大蒸饺

in #cn6 years ago

Yesterday I made some big fried dumpling in my own home, the main material is wheat flour.Today I took the children to the village, tasting the special food - big steamed dumplings here,The main material is rice flour.Two kinds of dumplings make method is the same, their difference in the use of materials and cooking method.Big fried dumplings are crispy, big steamed dumplings are Refreshing, all very delicious.
Children running in the country play, picking fruit, etc., playing very happy.
The most important thing is to eat a special food, said the next time to come to the village to play.
I took some photo,take have a look together!

Hope you like!wish you have nice day!




OMG you look like you had such a great time!!! I love the picture of the kids running down the road too. Your dumplings look fantastic I really want some now!! @elfkitchen

Loved your pict,cute children and yummy fruit

Followed and up vote u,please cheaking mine too, have a nice day dear...

Que belleza

I love how real all of your posts are!


dayum, i love freshly steamed dumplings.

can i reach ur place now want be playing with kids and the bliss of nature wonder.

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