Buffet steak restaurant 自助牛排餐厅

in #cn6 years ago

There are many Western restaurants in the city where I live, and many are not authentic, mostly localized.At noon today I took the children to a self-help steak restaurant called the Ukulele 优客哩哩, which is a Chinese and Western restaurants,There are steak, as well as self-help Chinese food.This type of Western restaurant is very popular here, especially the children are very happy to eat.Some Western
restaurant is still very authentic, so before entering the store or consult the better!

Hope you like!


Delicious food in beautiful interior.
It's really good.


Wow, what the nice Ukulele!!!

Marvelous post, the human generation have passed the horse sense for good food down the gene line from per generation, so our ability to detect good quality cooking in taste is 100% , take it from me an expert in such,thanks

I like chinese food, it looks amazing and all the dishes are appetizing

everything looks amazing on there....very complete restaurant !!
we can eat and reading in one place ?

Ukulele, so beautiful and the dishes invitibg.

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