Studying in Taiwan- My experience so far 在台灣學習—我至今的經歷 🇹🇼

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This semester marks just over one year since I started my masters degree at National Cheng Chi University in Taipei, Taiwan. My program length is a total of around two years depending on your speed and ease of writing your masters thesis. I am studying International Relations, because of that the majority of students in my program are foreigners.


The process and experience has been an eye opening one, before coming to study academically in Taiwan I had previously studied abroad in Australia as an exchange student, however that experience was very similar to my experience studying in the US. But, in Taiwan my previous experiences was tossed out the window!


Studying in Taiwan is quite different than studying in the US, not only just the grading and what is expected of you, but also how the teachers present the teaching materials. When I first arrived in Taiwan to start my academic studies I was preparing myself for the worst, so I spent a lot of time studying and doing all of the required readings. Even registering for classes is sort of like a lottery game, you pick a class and list in order of your preferences and then wait to find out what classes you have received, in comparison in the US you choose a class and find out right away if there was room for you.



from my experience this is not always necessary. The teachers in my program want you to try your best and contribute to the classroom discussion as the most important part of your grade and participation. The professors will take into account your effort and what is needed for you to pass the class and if you need a certain grade to maintain a scholarship you may have.




my experience thus far has been an enjoyable one, filled with lots of firsts. I have met many local Taiwanese friends and also many friends from all overall the world, all of these experiences have made my life more full and complete and have advanced me academically as well as inwardly.


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Kudos to you for doing your Masters in a totally different language and environment.

Thank you, it was and is a big challenge.

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