Life lessons and stories, travelling is my life now 人生的教訓和故事旅行是我現在的生活

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When I was young and not aware of the world around me I never pictured leaving my country to live or even travel to. However, as I grew up and matured into myself as I am today, I began to see more of the amazing world around me and as I saw more of it I became more and more interested in seeing all of it, not just a little bit but as much as I can see.


I first officially left my country to travel to another when I had just graduated high school, I was only 16 or 17 and I decided that I would take my first solo trip, that trip was to Japan. I would spend a couple of months in Japan, and after I came back from my first solo international travel trip, I would be hooked forever and never be the same person.


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When I returned from Japan, all I knew in my mind was that I needed to get back out there, so I applied for university and would continue to work a 3rd shift job in a factory working sometimes 50-70hrs a week to save up every penny I could to travel more. I would find myself working for 3-6 months and travelling for another 3-6 months.

當我從日本回來,我知道在我的腦海裡,我需要回去,所以我申請大學,繼續第三轉變工作在工廠有時50 - 70小時一個星期來節省每一分錢,我可以多去旅行。我會發現自己在工作3 - 6個月,然後再旅行3 - 6個月。

This is the way I was until I met my wife, after I met her I knew that I did not have to travel alone or to always be moving. We had our son shortly after getting married and then graduated from university and immediately boarded a plane for Taiwan were we have been living since, coming up to three years now.


Travel is so important and so apart of my life that if I did not continue to travel I do not know where I would be, it has brought so many great things into my life, from friends to life opportunities.


Thanks for reading my story. 谢谢你閱讀我的故事。



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