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Recently I have been working on developing a routine to stay focused and to try and get the most out of my time that I have available. With school and a family (Wife and Son) my life can get very busy especially after 5pm on the weekdays when my son gets home from school, and on the weekends when my family doesn’t have work or school.

Besides trying to juggle school and family life, I have been trying to fit in at least two days of rock climbing in every week. The rock climbing is my workout to stay in shape, and also it helps to relax and clear my head.

Creating a routine is not something easily done, it takes time and trial and errors. Below is my steps that I have tried to start with to establish a routine and make that routine a habit.

  1. Creating a list
    Making a list of all of the things I need to get done in a day

  2. Creating a timetable
    After finishing listing all of the things you need to get done in a day, I make those list of things into set timeframes. These timeframes will greatly help me stay focused and on track.

  3. Add some free time
    It is really important to put on space in your timetable that you relax and catch up on somethings you need to get done that were not on your list, or for some things that sometimes take longer to accomplished than originally planned.

  4. Try it out
    After you’ve made your list and timetable, you need to take it for a test drive that will help you figure out if you need to change some things around.




1 .工作創建一個列表

2 創建一個時間表

3 .項目添加一些空閒時間

4 試出來


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