A day of waterfalls 在瀑布的一天

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For mid autumn festival we decided to go see the lanterns at Pingxi and Shifen, but before that we wanted to go to the Shifen waterfalls. We had never been to the waterfalls, and my wife's sister was visiting us for the first time in Taiwan, so there was no better time to take this trip.


Lucky for us that day there was not a lot of people there, even though it was mid autumn festival it was not too crowded so we could still take some good pictures.


After we were done relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness of the waterfalls we then headed to Shifen old street to see and make our own lantern.


Thanks for reading my story. 谢谢你閱讀我的故事。



Beautiful waterfall, from the picture we can conclude if the waterfall and its scenery is still natural

Yeah, in Taiwan almost everything is still very much preserved and still natural and very beautiful.

應該來些寫天燈的照片會更棒! :D