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Climate Change

Almost 10 years since this was uploaded and guess what? none of the predictions made in the past were right...

Myanmar 2021 Coup

Having honest reporting like this has never been more important in America!

Chris "Supreme Leader" (hahaha). A military coup that's horrible.

Other country's retirement plan: 401K
Myanmar retirement plan: President

Allowing China into the WTO, giving China a permanent seat in the UNSC. The chickens are coming home to roost

Russia and China are like, You can't sniff this Joe.

Let's face it: the US cannot solve any international problem without stepping on a landmine called "China".


给多黑人 100年时间,他们真的上得了车吗?


The title sounds like an Onion article.

Noble Prize should given to the persons after their death
after analysing their whole life.

I feel like I'm gonna win the noble prize soon. Coz my comments start wars. 🥲

Next video: “Why Ivy League Schools keep producing mass murderers”

“Pro-government activists” just sounds really odd.

Racialize Everything

Indigenous communities and deforestation of their homelands is a bigger problem than "representation"
And funnily enough, that is an inside problem, that usually just involves money in general, not even on race

Two people are saving a turtle, and then turtle had the nerve to say he wanted the white man over the latino man to save him

Maybe she needs to fight more as human beings than as Latinos. Why ethnicity or race is important for fighting basic things like water?

How does choosing advocates based on their race rather than their abilities help clean up the oceans?

Ancient Japanese: I see White, Black, Red and Blue
American Politics: Yes
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回憶不跳针 好音樂 与你重修旧好






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