Peculiar coconut tree 奇特的椰子树

in #cn5 years ago

Today, when walking in the park found a very strange fruit trees, from the outside like a coconut tree, but its fruit with the usual coconut fruit is very different, I do not know the name of the tree.Peculiar is a tree hanging three colors of fruit, respectively, the fruit early, middle and late, its fruit is really beautiful.After returning home, I just know it from the network query called butiacapitata, which belongs to the palm family.It is mainly used for landscaping ornamental use, Its fruit can also extract the fruit jam and jelly.
I took some pictures and took a look.

the fruit early 早期的果实

the fruit middle 中期的果实

the fruit late 后期的果实

Hope you like!


Oh. Such an interesting tree. I like coconut but this is the first time i see this kind of fruit.



Yes you are right, it is used for jam, juices in india we call it litchi

Amazing This blog don't stop writing

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This is oil palm tree 😁😁mostly use for manufacture cooking oil.

How big are the seeds inside? Looks like a Jelly Palm, or Pinto palm

Very beautiful pictures and unusual fruit to me. I wonder what the jams and jellies taste like made from this fruit.

Very interesting tree. When I see this tree first time I think that is grapefruit, but not.

This looks like an African palm for oil producing purposes. You can crush those into palm oil and refine it to have some very pure stuff.

It's great for frying things and causing heart attacks haha.

I love those trees. their fruits are magnificent

Jam made from this fruit is very delicious. The pictures are great. great post. ,点赞了。 如果可以的话看看我的post 吧。
谢谢 :)

Wow this is amazing, i love the way you captured the pictures they look lovely.

Looks delicious! Have you tried the jam?

Jam? I had no idea you could make jam from it. I only knew of the oil.

I have seen these before but thought the fruit was not sweet, am I wrong? now following you for more

I must try this :))

The color is splendid. Glad to know it can be extracted. Thank for sharing a part of nature beauty @birds90

I would like to eat some looks delicious @birds90

Should be the tree that produce palm oil.

I never seen.

Wow, I never seen these types of coconuts, @birds90
Cool photos.

in my house I have the same type of palm tree in the park, but although the fruits are the same are many more guys, they look good to make sweets the truth I still have not tried them, thanks for sharing the photos, greetings.

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