My trip - Ancient Temples and Lotus (Original) 古老的寺庙和荷花

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I think many people have not been to China, today I want to share with you our hometown an ancient temple and lotus, this temple called Donglin Temple, 1600 years of history, where China's oldest white lotus and the temple, Every year in June is The lotus bloom season, where the white lotus is the most beautiful I have seen, it is very special flavor, blossom is 5 times the ordinary lotus even larger than I used to shoot the water lily is much larger, I spent a day with my friends to shoot these high-quality pictures. I shoot about more than 500 photos, picked some my favorite, together to enjoy!

Let me introduce, this is our four good sisters,I am most admired @elfkitchen, because all her food creation is original, sent to the circle of friends often let us drool, you can guess the first few is her
让我来介绍下,这是我们四位好姐妹, 我最佩服的是@elfkitchen, 因为她所有的美食创作都是原创,发到朋友圈里经常让我们流口水,你们能猜到第几位是她, 另外两位她们一直在这里潜水,想必大家也能猜到,不久就会冒泡了

Donglin Temple, a temple called the Pure Land, men can not wear slippers into the temple , the ladies can not wear a short skirt come


Most of our buildings here are micro-state style, white walls, when the weather is fine, here is very beautiful


Stepped into the temple,The fragrance of flowers is intoxicated


An old tower, but never open to visitors



Pigeons, the eaves is their home


this is my friend's dog, very obedient

这是我朋友的狗,很听话, 它坐车喜欢前排,并且喜欢窗外

Enjoy this beautiful lotus lotus


这是放大15倍的镜头,如果用30倍,那太亏张了 :)


Hope you like!

我想许多人没有来过中国,今天我想向大家分享我们家乡一个古老的寺庙和莲花, 这座寺庙叫东林寺,有1600年历史,这里有中国最古老的白莲花和这座寺庙一样,每年6月份是荷花盛开的季节,这里的白莲花是我见过最漂亮的, 它的香味很特别,开花是普通莲花的5倍还要大,比我以前拍摄的睡莲要大得多,以及于许多照片在调整镜头时很难找到角度, 这是我和朋友们的旅行照片,我想向steemit 朋友们展示, 希望大家喜欢

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I have always wanted to travel, China looks and by the sounds of things it is a stunning place. Thanks for the post I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am following and looking forward to updates. Thanks


followed you , thank you :)


Much appreciated thank you


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i am going to learn Mandarin first and then visit china, here in Pakistan there are many Chinese worker arriving due to cpak corridor and i can interact with them to improve my language and then i will come to china to travel the silk road and its food @birds90

Great shots with the weather looking terrible!

great post..thanks for sharing with us...great place with great shot:))


many thanks


thank you my dear friend:))



谢谢,出淤泥而不染 :) followed




你们几位都很历害,竟能猜出那张图 :)




张家界去过了,长沙也去过了,哈哈,几过天去景德镇,你在香港吗? 7月份我们几位会去香港 :)



I am one of those, who would love to go to China, but still didn't.
One of these days....
You just got a new follower, @birds90 :))

Nice! Very exotic plants to me, I hope I can visit someday🙃😏!

guys really enjoyed!

China looks like such a unique place. Never seen those types of flowers before and the building architecture is so different compared to other countries!

Thats awesome! I've travelled to many other asian countries, but hope to travel to china one day soon! Check out some of my pictures from Japan and Thailand

Wow beautiful photos! There are a lot of flowers! Never been to China but that place is on my to-visit-list :)


Thank you :)

I've never been to China. But with pleasure I'll look at the buildings and prophesy in your blog.

Thanks for sharing these amazing photos !

Great read! :)


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Thanks for the upvote.

I love your shots, thanks for sharing this wonderful journey with us! Upvoted and followed!

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Thank you, followed you


The artical is well put together and very detailed makes me wanna take a trip too china and see all the historical towers and the elegance of the lotus flowers. China has a lot of great history and beautiful places to see looking forward in going there one day it's going to be memorable.

Beautiful picture, nice colors.


I’ve never been to China because of some fear of ancient history I do not know much, the people and the language a lil strange for the western ear… But the faces look wonderful…


Absolutely Stunning. I have not been to China yet :-(. I need to make a plan and make a long trip. Great post. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you, welcome to china :)


aw, thanks! I will follow you for more!

It is really nice to see how the ancient temple in china look like. the picture looks so nice. you did a good job

wow this isso nice i also need to visit this place ..

Incredibly awesome. followed you and upvoted!


Thanks :)

China is definitely a beautiful place, went there last month !

Wow, those lotus shots were amazing!

Wow, someday i hope to visit! Its stunning!

I once visited China but I never visited that place. Makes want to revisit the Country for the second time around.

wow, its very beautiful and wonderful place to be. china is actually a place to visit cos it has a lot to tell from the older generation to the younger generation.
Ancient china is a place to be.


Welcome to travel to China, there are many places worth to go :)

Thank you for the English subtitles, @birds90!

Interesting post, enjoyed the pictures!

You are sharing really beautiful pictures, now I'm sure that the first foreign country that I want to visit will be China :)

I have been to Hong Kong and Singapore, but, the real China, the much smaller cities, I would like to visit for a bit. Wonderful pictures that give me a sense of what it is like! Thank you! You gained a new follower!

Wow, amazing post. Such a nice description of a place makes the reader fall in love with the beautiful scenery and culture of an exotic land as well. Nice work, Mam.

them lotus are very beautiful.

I'd love to go there someday. Beautifil article btw

Incredible pictures. one day i will visit china and the terracotta warriors!!!

Followed you!


thank you

I've noticed that lotus had been associated with china, what's lotus significance? I've always wanted to travel to other countries, I'm putting this place to my list. Very nice!


kindness and purity :)


I see. These pictures are really great! looking forward to see this awesome lotus on my visit☺

I love beautiful Temples, I visit them kinda often.
Now i will visit this Temple as well. Good work

Lovely Temples and Lotus... Really Beautiful Lotus

Breathtaking! I love chinese architecture

Awesome photos!

What a beautiful landscape

Awesome flowers pictures, thanks for the share.


beautiful place! :D

It's a very beautiful temple planted with lots of lotus. May I know which part of China this temple located at? I would love to visit in the coming future.


Thank you very much , Donglin Temple is located in Jiangxi, Jiujiang, and Mount Lu


Thank you. I am now doing a Explore Hong Kong series. Check out my blog if you want to know a little more about Hong Kong. Cheers!

Nice pictures... Cool post! I upvoted!


Very nicely put together. Thank You for having us with you on your adventure there, I certainly enjoyed it.

Beautiful morning, Picture & women.

Very beautiful gardens and architecture, nice lily flowers.

Very beautiful

Waw great content i'd like to see more post from you so i'll follow you....

Wow! You made a great post! I like them! Haven't seen this photo of China. Like the feeling when all girls take a photo together. Followed!

China ia definitely on my trip short list. It seems like an amazing country.

love your post! can't wait to visit china!

Beautiful @birds90 . I will follow you


Thank you , follow you



是的,就是这里 :)

No never been to china, but now I want to go there. Nice post and really nice pictures.

Hi I'm planning a trip to china next year and was just wondering if you had any places that you would recommend visiting

Absolutely loved the photos! I have never been to China and it's great to see what it's like. I have a question: I notice that you don't have pics for inside the building. Why is that?

I would like someday to visit a place as cozy and beautiful as this temple, I hope to shoot more photos of another place in your country, are very beautiful and would like to have knowledge about them. Thank you

Awesome photos!! It looks and sounds like a fun trip!

The nature looks amazing, nothing like I've seen before. Such beautiful flowers and so much green.

My brother has been to China and he brought so many wonderful photos back!
Absolutely love the lotus flowers, especially the darker pinks ones. I have never seen one yet besides the photos...

I love the look of the Lotus Flowers...

Such a beautiful pictures but if you really want to feel and see the ancient temples you should go to Cambodia. Cambodia has lot of ancient temples but two are the major one. Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear Temple.

Great photos, xie xie!

Wow, such a beautiful place.

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Thats why i love china. Besides, it has beautiful girls (i guaranteed) it has many temples there and make me love that building, hope could visit it and take a pict in front of the temple while i use their traditional costume 😁
Thanks for this great information @birds90
Entertaining and really informative

wow its beautiful . hopefully one will be able to visit the temple

Really beautiful and amazing ...... I hope in the near future to get to your village .......

so beautiful!

Great post dear ...nice photos too. Thanks for sharing

Your blog is very cool, I really like it if you do not mind please introduce your friends to me so I get a lot of followers and votes @nauval


I'd love get my hands on a plant like that for my pond! Very beautiful! Also love the obedient dog :D

Amazing photos.

China..a place i have always wanted to travel since i was very young..I heard about this ancient Temple in china...I really enjoyed your post...thanks for sharing....

@birds90 The temple is very beautiful and clean, With small rivers, and flowers.
I like that scenery.

Very nice

Really like this post!

it's an exeption templ and realy exiting...want to visiting it

Great post! It shows the beauty of China, which the world needs to see more of. I always find it unfair that China often gets negative treatment in the world of western media. I am fairly new to to steemit, and it's refreshing to see these kinds of posts, I know my actions are very little but, following and upvoted :)