My Photography - The beautiful red flowers(Original)

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Hi, steemit's friend! Today I share Two kinds of red flowers,Their names are Globeamaranth and Purple jasmine.These two kinds of flowers grow in the summer, but also in the village courtyard more common.Every photo taken with phone camera, I picked some my favorite photos,Together to enjoy!

Globeamaranth 千日红

Purple jasmine 紫茉莉

The Source files, It is iphone6 sizes,Hope you like, Have a nice day!
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Thank you!


Really beautiful flowers, cool capture of the colors!

I am also doing nature photography, follow me on @dbeauhaire

followed you!

Nature is incredible because it is created by God who is the greatest artist. My Wife love flowers. I wish you a lot of success in the following blogs.

Thank you!

Good photo👍

Thank you!

My front garden is full of flowers in different shades of purple. I didn't plan it that way consciously, I just noticed it one spring and summer, so naturally I was drawn to your thumbnail.

True beauties!

Thank you!

You're very welcome.

Nice detailed photos good capture!

How beautiful is the creation of God, beautiful floras ... success in his next post

Nice flowers, I think they are from the same family but different species . What are their botanical names.

How beautiful is God's creation, beautiful Flora ... success in your next post


I like how the the details of the pictures are so good. God is Great

@birds90 Your generate up is spectacular. Mad regard for sticking as a result of many of the hardships, Many of us would've Give up A great deal before..

You have wonderful post... Let's follow each other....

beautiful flower

Really nice, i just upvoted you!

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yes, the flowers are beautyful. This are nice flowers too. I photographed them in the Killesbergpark, Stuttgart, Germany. Greetings


upvoted&followed, look at my photos :)

nice photo of flower :.

wow lovely photos..
you have done a great job @birds90

Great photos. The Globeamaranth is quite popular flower here in Nepal too. Specially needed for festivals in October, the best time when they bloom.


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