My Photography - Morning glory (Original)

in #cn5 years ago

Hi, steemit's friend! Today I share the beautiful Morning glory.Every photo taken with phone camera, I picked some my favorite photos,Together to enjoy!

The Source files, It is iphone6 sizes, Source files including GPS location information
Hope you like, Happy a day!
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Thank you!


I have grown a lot of morning glory - it works so well and produces so much seed. These look very beautiful in your photos.
I wish you a beautiful day! Resteemed and upvoted

Thank you!

The morning glory has purple in Thailand.
Nice pictures.^ ^

Very pretty morning glories. Have a great day! 🐓🐓

This flower is called in my country, Romania, "rochita randunicii", and literally translated as the swallow's dress 😊. I think is a pretty name

@birds90 first of all you clicked awesome! And these all are amazing flowers thanks for sharing with us these beautiful flowers:)

Beautiful flowers. These bring back a lot of gpod childhood memories. There was a huge vine of this growing over a fence in the area I used to play in.

These very colorful flowers are wonderful! I especially like the blue one at the end

Thank you!

My pleasure :D

Very nice photography I like it... So cool

a quiet morning with a very beautiful floral display. success is always for you my friend

Beautiful flowers to wake up to....thus, the name "Morning Glory."

beautiful flower garden, with striking colors invite us to come touch it

I think they are beautiful clematis :)

Very pretty Morning Glories. Nicely photographed.

Great photos by a smartphone! Myself using a A6000 from Sony for flowers and other nature photography.

Which smartphone you're using, there is a little DOF, astounding? If you're interested please visit my blog comparison a semi-professional camera can do.

Here is another interesting comparison by Canon. It's obvious that fully fledged cameras can do better photos but the smartphones also do great if you think of the useability, my A6000 is still huge in comparison to a smartphone.. ok not a big Galaxy but a iPhone 4S for example :)

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really lovely!

beautiful photos, colors and quality make you appreciate much more, thanks for sharing!

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