My Photography - Dragonfly and Ant (Original)

in #cn5 years ago

Hi, steemit's friend! Today I share The beautiful Dragonfly and Ant photo .Every photo taken with phone camera, I picked some my favorite photos,Together to enjoy!

The Source files, It is iphone6 sizes,Hope you like, Have a nice day!
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Thank you!


Incredible shots!

Those are very professional! great work

Magnifique! Very beautiful shots!

How the hell did you get so close??? Wont they just fly away?

Waiting for a long time before the capture of these lenses

That patience though hey! must be something to behold :)


Well done. Nice macro. I would be interested to know if you use any apps for macro photography.

iphone6 16x lensbong

The quality of picture are really awesome.

Wow, how did manage to take the first photo? are you using some add on macro lens? to me the first photo seemed like taken with a long lens 105mm or so

Waiting for a long time before the capture of these lenses,use iphone6 16x lensbong

Cool, keep sharing your work!

Incredible Pictures! What camera are you using?
I guess it's sony?

iphone6 16x lensbong

No way! Seriously​?

Very good quality camera, maybe also how to shoot very great. good luck @birds90

dragonflies always beautiful creature!! thanks for sharing @birds90

Thank you!

Good looking

Whoa nice closeup! It's very hard to capture dragonfly so close.

What dragonflies are beautiful! I have never seen such!

beautiful pictures, great photographers

Its so cute...!!!! I like it...!!! 👍👍👍

Wow..amazing photos..up

wow awesome photos..
you have done a excellent work my friend

What lens are you using?

iphone6 16x lensbong

Awesome shots!

OMG ! The first 3 photos was amazing shots

Beautiful photos friend, I upvoted your post. Please upvoted my latest post:

Amazing Life!



Nice shots :)

Amazing... ive always loved nature photography

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